openHABian does not install 64bit java

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: VM LXC amd64/1GByte/8GByte
    • OS: debian buster 64bit

Hi, I’m using a VM for test installation. That is, installing the current debian 64bit, apt update/full-upgrade, install git, get openhabian, start openhabian-config, 60 Manual/fresh setup -> Choose all needed packages, especially Java 64bit but not Java 32bit.

After installation is finished, I end up with a 32bit Java installed in /opt/jdk/zulu8.42.0.21-ca-jdk8.0.232-linux_i686/bin/java, which is obviously the right path, but the wrong version. Instead I have to install zulu the manual way through azul repository.

This is unexpected and wrong behavior.

The system is primarily designed for the 32 bit OS on Raspberry Pi but there is a menu option to install 64 bit Java.

Yes, and as I wrote above, I choose 64 bit but not 32 Bit. What I get is only 32bit Java.

By the way, openHABian is officially designed to install opeHAB on every debian/ubuntu style OS :slight_smile:

It sounds like a bug. I’d file an issue. If there is an option to install the 64 bit version, it should install the 64 bit version.


Seems to be duplicate to

And the issue opened is here. No additional comments though.