Openhabian performance issue

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware:_Raspi3
    • OS: openHAB 2.1.0-1
    • Java Runtime Environment: Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_65-b17)
    • openHAB version:
  • Issue of the topic: Performance
    I have recently installed openhabian on a new Raspi3. I have an existing openhab 1.7 installation on an raspi2 that works quite well.
    Just wanted to play around with openhabian to decide wether or nor i upgrade my installation to openhabian.
    But I encountered performance issues when playing with the paper UI. The browser freezes for seconds to minutes (regardless which browser i use).
    So i moved the filesystem to an external hdd and installed oracle Java. But that doesn’t help.
    I’m very much suprised about the openhabian behavior - never red something about performance problems with openhabian.
    The way it performs now is not an option for me.
    Any ideas / hints what to do are highly appreciated.


If using the recent openhabian version (1.3), java should be a much more recent version. In fact, openHAB2 should work at minimum Java 8-101, but of course it would be better to take Java 8-151.

I never heard about this sort of performance issue on a healthy Raspberry3.
Maybe your hardware is damaged? Most common would be a damaged SD card, but also power supply can corrupt the system. Did you try to run another OS image at the Raspberry3?

Similar topic to this one: Am I doing something wrong or is openhab2 on a raspi super slow

Thanks for the hint.
Since I move the filesystem to a hdd and think it couldn’t be the SD?
We look further into the power supply and will try a different os.
We will see what happens…

Thanks for the link. THat is pretty much the same i have.

Your problem might originate from a bad OH2 config.
As you (should) know, you cannot simply copy your OH1 config. Depending on what parts you copy, your new system may be busy with processing config.
Actually, whenever you modify a config or rules file, this is being reloaded by the OH2 core and this takes some time to parse (a LOT more than OH1). From the outside you get to see this ‘laggy’ behavior.
Do some basic debugging. Does top show java running at 100+% ? Ramp up OH2 debugging for org.apache.karaf and org.openhab.smarthome (remember logging config is completely different from that in OH1).
Does that give any hint - are you eventually still stuck in the startup cycle ?
Finally, some OH1 users even have in-OH or outside-of-OH scripts running to move or modify files. Baaaad idea …

Maybe my first post was not clear enough, but i’m talking about a fresh openhabian installation. Haven’t move any of my OH1 stuff to this new installation. Just installed some bindings (network, sonos, sysinfo, hue, fritzbx, astro) via PaperUI. No sitemap, no rules, no nothing.
But when i’m clicking thru the PaperUI it is very slow and the browser (anyway which browser i use) is freezing sometimes. Just happend while I type this.
But looking in the ressource manager of my windows maschine, i wonder if it might be a browser problem?
Firefox (took 1.4 GB Ram, and 60% of CPU on a windows maschine. with 2 tabs), pretty much the same with vivaldi and chrome.


Exactly same pre-condition.

I nailed it down to the following:
The second I click in the paperUI on the left hand side on the “control” item, the browser instantly starts to consume all CPU ressources and memory consumption rises. The browser doesn’t react on any click. THe only choice is to close the openhabian tab and restart the browser.
This applies to all browsers i use ( firefox, Vivaldi, Edge all latest 64Bit)

Is this somehow a known bug?

After a fresh install and step by step installation of bindings it seems to me that the sonos binding is causing the trouble.

@JohnnyX Do you use also the sonos binding? If yes, does the issue wear off is uninstalling sonos binding?

I have exactly the same issue. And nailed it down to the Sonos Binding.
My System setup:

  • OH2 on RaspberryPi3
    • Homematic Binding
    • Sonos Binding
      thats all

As soon as I installed the Sonos Binding and clicked on controls, then the browser sends every few milliseconds a request which isn’t respond

I get the performance issue solved only by uninstall Sonos Binding, which doesn’t help at all if Sonos Binding wants to be used.

Thanks for help

See Jetty update, Karaf 4.1.3 upgrade and full LSP support
So I guess, you will have to upgrade to OH2.2.0 #1084 or later. (Snapshot/unstable)

There is no need to fear the “unstable” version as this is the version which gets updates, it’s only “unstable” in the meaning of “new code will be added and sometimes code will be changed”. But only to get rid of errors which preexists in older “stable” versions or at least in completely new features, which are missing in “stable” versions.

No, I don’t.

Thanks for the hint.
Btw. how do I manage to upgrade to unstable OH2.2.0 #1084?

You can do that in the openhabian-config tool.
There is a configuration menu.
I think it is named openHAB related.

There you can select if you want to use snapshot or stable.

@Udo_Hartmann Thanks for the hint.
I switched to openHAB 2.2.0 Build #1088 and the Sonos Binding is working, even no performance issue in the PaperUI is recognisable anymore.
I haven’t tested all things from the homematic binding. But so far it looks good.

I switched to openhab 2.2.0 as well and now the sonos binding is working perfectly