openWB and Zoe

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Hi Holger,
great stuff - I see you have a ZOE - as I do. Very interested in how you set your charging power, and how you control the start/stop of charging. Do you mind posting your “how-to”? SW / Hardware. Thanks! Volker
Background: I am calculating my daily CO2 footprint - and so I could add ZOE’s too - see here

I use a combination of the software openwb (openWB) and the wallbox go-echarger ( The communication with OH works fine via MQTT (if needed, I can show you screenshots for the connection but for most users it’s easy (I had some trouble, though…))

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Cool stuff - thanks. Means: you are interfacing to the wallbox / wallbox web front end - and not directly to the ZOE, right? Let me check what my WALL-BE is capable of

More or less right:
Zoe gives information (current state of charge) to openWB AND openWB communicates with the wallbox and openhab.
Basically all could be done in openWB but I wanted a connection to openhab.
I forgot to mention that you need some kind of counter which measures how much electricity is imported/exported (energy meter). Can be bought on the openWB-website but there also different possibilities to get these values.

Upfront, I moved this discussion to an own thread as Tutorial posts (thanks for that!) shouldn’t be “watered” with discussion on specifics other than what the tutorial is about.

That being said, I also own an openWB (a real one, i.e. the hardware). It includes the meter so that should work, unfortunately I don’t have a car to test yet.

Would you mind sharing your openWB specific openHAB configuration ?

It took a while to set things up correctly but with community help I finally managed it (here’s some information if needed: Communication between openwb and openhab via MQTT - how to set it up? - #7 by Joerg_Schreiner)
Once you know how it’s done, it’s quite simple, though: “you just need to configure the broker thing in OpenHAB with the IP-address of your openWB and port 1883”

  1. The bridge:

  2. The connection incl. channels from which items can be generated:

example of channel definition/configuration:

The state and command topics to use can be found here: MQTT - openWB Forum

Here is a nice php script to communicate between the ZOE api and a self hosted website.

With a little bit of openHAB knowledge (http binding and regex transformation) you will be able to control your ZOE: start heating/cooling, check position, driving range, actual mileage, switch off the wallbox for people who don’t want to charge to 100% and much more.

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This looks very nice! However, I lack knowledge of regex transformation and the Zoe is leased anyway, so it would be too much work for me just for 1 year left.
But I ordered a Hyundai Iconic 5. When/if there’ll be a similar solution for that, I’d be very interested. I’ll keep my eyes open …