Use OH to do something meaningful: Display your own daily CO2 footprint. Fully automated - incl "how to display"


Isn’t OH2 a great hobby? Even better if this hobby made the world a bit better - by reducing your own personal CO2 consumption. Many people are doing something, but does this turn the needle? You only know that you drive too fast if you have an odometer, right?
Here is yours for your CO2 emissions. On the main contributors:

all by Openhab 2, MQTT and easy to get, cheap incredients. including sources. (both for 8266 and Openhab)
find the how-to here: and please: share your solution, I will add it.

Add on:
now that you have all your CO2 relevant information handy in OpenHAB: what are cool ways to display them. Find it here: How to display your personal CO2 footprint
PS: Thought it was time for an update. Holiday season gave me the free time :wink:

Just found a super simple method to get the run-time of your burner using a stupid 8266 Temperature probe. updated accordingly. Github filled with sources. Curious who will build it too…

Update: Found this great integration to MB - even without ANY additonal hardware needed here - forgive me not to purchase a newer Mercedes on the spot to test it - but curious if it worked for you.