OpenWeatherMap Binding - Config doesn't change

Hi Guys,

i’ve set up the Binding with PaperUI.
And the config wont change, even after restart and clean-cache. Where do i find the config for this ?
I want the Days (forecast) for 7 days and it always changes back to 0 days. it’s somehow annoying configuring with PaperUi, when it always needs a “clean-cache workaround”.

on the picture it says “Hours” left and “Days” on right hand side


i tried to set up the thing with .things like this

Thing weather-and-forecast local "Local Weather And Forecast" [location="xx,xx", forecastHours=0, forecastDays=7]

and i still get 0 Days in the PaperUI. Why ??

From the documentation: **Attention** : The daily forecast is only available for [paid accounts](

damn, i somehow overlooked that… the pricing on the OW Website says 7 Days Forecast for free if you use “one call API” … 40 USD for daily forecast is way too expensive.

How do you guys handle the daily forecasts ?


I am just using a Meteogram. No hassle with separate data, however no seperate data to be used by any binding😉

found this, hope to come into OH soon

Dear all, unfortunately the update didn’t make it into 2.5.9. However, I will maintain the beta and keep it available for download. Furthermore I will create a PR for the OH 3.0 beta in the next weeks, so the binding will become part of OH 3.0 with the One Call API.

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