OpenWeatherMap - Dew Point; Forecasts beyond 24 hours?

Working again on OWM, but can’t find answers to two questions:
1 - I can’t find any channel for dew point. Should be a Current Weather item
2 - How can you get forecasts beyond 24 hours? My channels show forecasts for 3-hour intervals but nothing beyond 24. The free account provides for up to 5 days (doesn’t it?), yet I don’t see how


Did you have a look into this?

Number:Temperature localDailyForecastTomorrowMaxTemperature "Maximum temperature for tomorrow [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openweathermap:weather-and-forecast:api:local:forecastTomorrow#max-temperature" }

Number:Temperature localDailyForecastDay2MaxTemperature "Maximum temperature in 2 days [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openweathermap:weather-and-forecast:api:local:forecastDay2#max-temperature" }

According to the channel documentation;

forecastToday, forecastTomorrow, forecastDay2, … forecastDay16

It provides data for up to five days, but not forecasts. @5iver came up with a workaround awhile back.

OWM’s new One Call API provides seven-day forecasts, but has not been implemented in openHAB yet. There’s a feature request in GitHub.

Great! I looked into it a while back but never dove deeply. Looks like I’m gonna need more time to invest. . .