OpenWeatherMap - No weather data for the widget

Hello - Merry Christmas to you all

I am very new to openHAB, and only started using it a few days ago.

I use oprenhabian 3.0.0 - latest release

I have installed openwethermap binding - Link, set it all up after the wizard and after new updated version - Link. Everything works fine under Thinges and more, and is connected via API.

But when I want to implement Widget OpenWetherMap, I get no weather data for the widget itself ???

If I create one or more dummy widgets, and insert outdoor temperature or station name or something else, I get this weather data without any problems.

Is there anything I have overlooked since I am not getting weather data for OpenWetherMap Widget?

I restarted openhab several times and all of a sudden it worked :slight_smile: