Openweathermap widget does not show weather icons

hello to you all,

I am tying to get the openwaethermap widget “Weather Card” from RGroll to run, it shows everything so far, but the weather icons do not show.
The widget is looking for an item named

I do not have that in the model and do not know how to get it in. Can anybody give me a hint what to do?

I found the solution. If you have the same problem:

  • Select the Forecast or OneCallApi in your model
  • click on “create points from thing”
  • select the corresponding thing
  • select “unlinked channels”
  • click “Show advanced”
  • select the condition_ids and icon_ids you are missing
  • click “Add To model”

and read this: [OH3] Install & Set-up OpenWeatherMap via UI - #17 by murk_van_rooijen