Order of Sitemaps

On the android app, is there any way to order the sitemaps? I can’t figure out what order they are in…def not alphabetical

If your items are assign in a group and the group is in sitemap…the items order are based on the order u type in item file…

Hi Tommy,
Thanks for the reply.
I’m not concerned with the items.
I’m concerned with the sitemap list itself in the app(the left menu of all sitemaps available).

Sounds like you didn’t build your own custom sitemap yet. That’s what you want to do :wink:


I have custom sitemaps; I’m trying to find a way to organize them in the app(alphabetically, etc); as they appear to show up in random order

Ooooh wow I never had that problem, I have all control elements in one sitemap. switching between sitemaps takes too long. Should think about that.

Well okay in that case you must probably enforce sorting alphabetically by prepending numbers. (“01-main.sitemap” etc.)

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Hi everybody,

the order cannot be enforced by renaming sitemaps with numbers, e.g., “1. Start” and “1-start.sitemap” as filename). This doesn’t change the random order of the sitemaps in the app’s menu (for OH2).

I think it works, if you are using OH1… Probably, the sitemap menu is handled differently for OH1 and OH2 in the Android app.


It’s exactly the same experience I have

Anyone who has found a way to get around it?



@matzebecker is right. Back in March 2017 the oh 1 sitemaps were ordered, but not the oh 2 sitemaps. Nowadays both sitemap types are ordered alphabeticly according to their label. If no label is present, the filename is used.

Maybe I misunderstand you, but that’s not my experience, running OH 2.3.0-1 and the iOS app. No matter how I’m trying to control the order by using prefix 001, 002, 003 etc., or A, B, C etc., in both sitemap filename and label, separately and in combination, I have not succeeded.

Does that sound wrong?

BR o

This question is tagged “Android App” :slight_smile:
I haven’t found an open issue about ordering sitemaps in the iOS app.

That’s right, sorry about that. :frowning:

Then maybe it’s wrong asking you to elaborate in this thread, but do you mean that it should Work in the iOS app, or just that you have never heard of someone who has the problem?


I have no idea if it should work and it seems that nobody asked for it. I have opened an issue for you: https://github.com/openhab/openhab.ios/issues/166

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I have on sitemap for one floor including dimmers and lights in files: dimmer.items, lights.items.
There is no chance to order them.

example of on light:
String Buero_OutValue { http="<[beckhoff:2000:JSONPATH($.Buero_Light)]" }

Switch Buero_Out “Büro” (EG) { http=">[ON:POST:https://raspberrypi/…}] >[OFF:POST:https://raspberrypi/…]" }

example of one dimmer:
Dimmer Dimmer_EG_EZSued “Esszimmer Süd: [%d %%]” (EG) { http="<[beckhoff:2000:JSONPATH($.ActDimmerEZSued)] >[*:GET:https://raspberrypi/beckhoff/…}]" }

Frame label=“Etagen” {
Group item=UG label=“Keller” icon=“cellar”
Group item=EG label=“Erdgeschoß” icon=“groundfloor”
Group item=OG label=“Obergeschoß” icon=“firstfloor”

it shows “Büro” before “Esszimmer Süd” why that ?

This thread was about ordering of an index of sitemaps.

Two of the Items that you have shown us are members of Group EG.
The display of a Group in a sitemap carries no particular order for group members.

If you want to order Items on a sitemap, do so by making individual entries.

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what do you mean with making individual entries?

Individual sitemap lines for individual Items. You can recreate the “sub-page” effect of clicking a Group sitemap line by using curly brackets {}

You also can set a default sitemap for your android app, but I think that only works for one sitemap, which is displayed when the app gets opened.