Outdoor cameras

I found a list of “supported” cameras here in the community. At first, I didn’t recognize any of the names.

I’m assuming (and this is actually the real question) that cameras like Ring, Arlo, etc are not listed since they are… proprietary from the standpoint that they are not quite so open-source and probably required not only using their API, but you access them via their cloud? And the listed cameras can be used totally locally?

I did find some that are in the list that appear to totally meet my needs.

Your assumption is correct. I don’t know all af those, but I remember that there is a dedicated Ring Binding under development for openHAB 4.0. And yes, it uses the Ring cloud.

I have not checked the list of supported devices for the IP-Camera Binding, but I rember to have used it once for one of my cams, configuring the local mjpeg stream.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. I’m trying to keep my solutions as local as possible!

Could you post the link please?

IpCamera: New IP Camera Binding - Add-ons / Bindings - openHAB Community

Very old post (2018). But very useful info. And it is a VERY long chain of replies for 5 years.

Out of curiosity: What will you buy?

Still struggling with that decision. It will be an “open” system. Not Ring or Arlo or such that quits if the close their cloud.


Agree, this cloud business is counter-productive in order to establish an ‘independent’ solution.
I am an IT project mgr, and never understood the move to the cloud for government entities; in fact I was involved in two major IT cost assessments in agencies > 80,000 employees, and on-prem turned out significantly cheaper; mainly due to resource costs and significant discounts on hardware (>40%).

Have you considered Ubiquity cameras?
It’s not open source, and not cheap. but it IS totally local, NON-subscription, no cloud, and there is a beta OH binding for it.

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It is an old thread but that is because that is how the binding developer like to track community issues. The IP camera binding is made to work with any of the bizzilion IP cameras available, check amazon for anything from $50 to whatever. If an ethernet cable plugs into it, the binding will run it. It even works with esp32cams

I assume wifi too, :grin:

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