Outdoor thermometer?

Does anyone know of an inexpensive outdoor thermometer that works with OH2? I don’t want/need a weather station… just a simple outdoor thermometer.

Thanks for any feedback. -Mike

The problem here is that almost anything works with OH2!
I use a simple 433MHz temperature display with an outside sensor. A bit like this:

Then you can catch the 433Mhz signal with an RFLink:

Or even on a PI with an 433Mhz receiver

I’m currently using a Xiaomi temp humidity sensor which looks to be working well… I do have it in a sheltered area on the porch though as it’s not weather proof at all… But they are cheap :grinning:

Price is a very important factor for me so I ended up building a lot of sensors myself but I am going to explore the Xiaomi sensors soon with a zigbee2mqtt bridge.

I use cheap 433 sensors too. Backside is that they don’t report battery status, but I have rules notifying me if I don’t get any readings from a sensor in x minutes, so I know when to replace the battery.

Hello Mike

If it helps you…

I’ve tried one of these ready made One-Wire Temperature sensors as a solution for a client that wanted to measure his hot water tank.

eBay One-Wire passive temperature sensor Item Number 230962285627

As it’s a Passive One-Wire device (rather than Master & Slaves), I simply use a polled exec command like

digitemp with an edited configuration to only return the temperature (rather than sensor ID & Time & Temperature with symbol etc)

It works really well.