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Hi all,

I’m having a bit of my kitchen redone so have the opportunity to implement a panel for my OH install. I’ve been trawling the forums for HABPanel and PAges examples and starting to get the picture.

I had an idea but cant seem to see if it is possible…

Is there a way for the panel to automatically pop up / go to a page on the changing state of an item?

Real life - when someone presses my doorbell, it triggers a switch item to ON, and I have a rule to announce the doorbell has been pressed etc.

Is there a way to then get the pages to show the door camera, (also an item), automatically? I’ve found ways that you can click on a widget in pages and get the camera to pop up, but it would be neat if it could do it automatically, and then ideally pop back down after x seconds / switch item sets OFF…


I think HABPanel has a way to switch to a given page based on the state of an Item. I don’t think MainUI supports that. But you might be able to get something to work using Tasker and AutoInput and possibly AutoNotification (assuming the tablet is Android). Then you could send a notification that Tasker picks up (via AutoNotification perhaps if stock Tasker can’t handle it) and triggers AutoInput to navigate to the desired page.

Thanks, I have an old-ish ipad that I had earmarked for a panel but I’m open to the most flexible options.

I was also edging towards using the pages in the MainUI as first plays I’ve found it easier and slightly more intuitive but I’ll go and have another look at HABPanel.

I was under the impression that HABPanel was the ‘old’ way and pages the new so I didn’t want to be developing something that was not continuing for the future.

In MainUI it is possible to control the status of a popup, side panel or modal sheet with an item state. It is not possible, to my knowledge, to navigate to an whole new page. There are a few threads that discuss this, here’s one of them:

Amazing, I’ve been trawling the forum for days and never saw this thread…off to investigate…thanks.

This habpanel widget can do it here in the marketplace.

I would be careful how much time is spent setting up habpanel, instead go for OH3 MAIN UI methods for future proofing.