Panasonic Comfort Cloud binding

This binding allows you to control air conditioners connected to Panasonic Comfort Cloud.


Initial alpha 1

  • Initial release

Initial alpha 2

  • Possible fix for deviceIds with illegal characters (with respect to url paths)

Initial alpha 3

  • Escape illegal characters in ThingUID

Initial alpha 5

  • Handle devices with slash in device guid
  • Handle external wifi dongles

Initial alpha 6

  • Handle Wifi dongles reporting invalid temperature when switched off

Initial alpha 7

  • Ignore all temperature readings of 126 both inside/outside when using WIFI dongles


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Unfortunately Installation failed


Could you try again? Should work according to another person.

Hi, I just startet over again and now it works perfect.
My system:
Multi-split with
CS-Z20XKEW (2x)
Best regards and thanks for your effort

I have two air container CS-Z25XKEW, how can i get the serial numbers?

Hi, you can find them by the following methods: openhab2-addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.panasoniccomfortcloud at panasonic_comfort_cloud · seime/openhab2-addons · GitHub

Regards Arne