Paper UI / Control triggers ERROR 500: Internal server error

since the last update i did (according to karaf: 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT Build #837 ) my Control in Paper UI is not quite working OK. The Tabs (Locationname, Other) show the different things, but the boxes are empty.
After clicking on Control i get an ERROR 500: internal server error box message.
example location:

example Other:

Anyone else having the same issue or an idea how to solve this?
Many thanks&best regards,

I’ve got the same Problem now.
Do you still have this issue or could you find the reason?
Thanks for helping!

VG Markus

Hi Markus,
indeed i found a solution(there is another thread about this but i can’t find it no more…).
Basically what i did: Checked all my .items files/sitemaps and replaced all occurances of “%d” with “%s”.
After that paperUI was running flawless.

Hi Oliver,
thanks for Reply. I got it! It was the same issue.

Regards Markus