PaperUI - Missing items CATEGORY

I have upgraded from 2.0.0 to the latest nightly, and PaperUI seems to have lost my items category (I can still see the items in my items files and I am able to use them in rules etc)

A restart of the OpenHab services return no clues in the logs - only INFO events posted, not even any warnings?
I have gone as far as removing and re-installing each UI.
I have updated to a new version
I have removes and re-added all rules and items files

I am bang out of ideas.

Any way to track down what is happening?


did you change the logging level?

I’m seeing this too


I am not registering anything other than info events.
I did have some UID duplications where it seems items were recreated, but I deleted the duplicate items through the karaf console

As it stands, no solution, but I am still able to use OH

There was a recent fix

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