Parameters 11/12 cannot be completely set with a QUBINO DIN RAIL DIMMER ZMNHSD H1S3P3 in Openhab 3

I and a friend use some QUBINO DIN RAIL DIMMERs ZMNHSD H1S3P3 with Openhab 3.

The problem is present in OH3.0.0 and 3.1.x.
The problem did not exist in OH2.5.x.

Unfortunately, the two parameters 11 & 12 cannot be set via the Thing configuration.
However, the two parameters can be set and saved via the code tab.
0 is selected by default.

Parameter no.11 - Turn Load 1 (Q) OFF Automatically with Timer
Parameter no.12 - Turn Load 1 (Q) ON Automatically with Timer

Here is the description of the parameter of Quibino:
default value 0
0 - Auto OFF / ON Disabled
1 - 32536 = 1 - 32536 seconds - Auto OFF / ON timer enabled for a given amount of seconds

Is that an error in the database or in Obenhab 3?

If there is an error in the database, can you please correct it?

Many Thanks

I’ve updated the database to fix this.

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thanks for the quick help.
Do I have to recreate the thing in OH or is the database in OH updated automatically?

No, you don’t need to recreate the thing - but you will need to update the binding once this all flows through the system, which will take a day or two.

Hi Chris, i have uninstalled and reinstalled the binding several times, but parameters 11/12 still cannot be set correctly.

Will this be made available for all OH3 versions or only OH3.0. I use 3.1.-Snapshot!

Or have I misunderstood something and am doing something fundamentally wrong?

Same problem exists for ZMNHND1
Will these database changes also be available on openhab2?

I just fixed that one.We tried to find all the issues but missed this one.

The database gets exported about once a week and the fix will then be available in snapshot bindings for OH2 and OH3.

Unfortunately, the missing setting option of parameters 11/12 from 0-32536 via MainUI is currently still available.

Can you please correct that in the database.

Many Thanks

It is a community maintained database. You are welcome to do it.

I found out yesterday OH3 binding missed about 3 weeks worth of database updates. The next snapshot should have those.

Here is the database guide.

I noticed that parameters 11/12 can now be configured correctly.

Many Thanks

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