Payload Too Large

Hi folks,

I am using the openHAB cloud. I mostly use it to view and not edit the dashboard. However, when I did try update my dashboard (which is quite large) I get the following error.



I get the same error:

Maybe it’s because my dashboard contains several custom widgets (which adds up so some hundred lines of code I think).
Is there a limit for the file size? And is there a solution or a workaround?
I really like the feature of editing Habpanel from anywhere…

Is there any news of this?

I can confirm that if I allow my HabPanel JSon file to be any more than 1999 lines, I get the Error : 413 (Payload Too Large) error.

Which is a shame as I’d love to put in a great Thermostat Widget that @tomvancutsem has written.


It seems okay to have more than 2000 lines if the JSon file is saved and accessed locally, but attempting to store >1999 lines of JSon on the controller causes the 413 error.

GitHub Issue

Just for clarification.

It appears that there is a file size limit when saving while connected via the service.

Saving while connected on the local LAN is fine.