Pearl irrigation system

Hello, everyone,
Has anyone of you ever built a Pearl irrigation system into OpenHab?
Like the BWC-510? Royal Gardineer Dual-Bewässerung-Ventile: WLAN-Bewässerungscomputer, 4 Ventile, 2-fach-Wasserverteiler, Sensor (Bewässerungscomputer WLAN App)
How and with which hardware as a gateway?

Tuya/SmartLife/Elesion is mentioned on the products page.
According to these buzz words I would assume that this

should work

I completely switched over to LinkTap - the devices are even compatible with Gardena. And the best thing: If you contact their support, they will update your gateway and you will have full MQTT-compatibility out of the box!

Before I used a Tuya Zigbee watering device. But it will be recognized as a light from Deconz. So basically you are only able to switch the valve on and off (no flow values, water usage etc).

Is the link-tab gateway required? can the link-tap valve controller be directly controlled with the OH zigbee binding?

Unfortunately you will need the Linktap Gateway. But as I mentioned before, you can contact their support and ask for the firmware with mqtt - this firmware gives you also the option to control the devices via http calls