Philio Multi-Sensor (PST02A) with OH2

Hello All,

I have moved to OH2 just two days ago :slight_smile: and i’m struggling with the philio multi sensor 4-in-1.

The problem is after the device dsicovery, the motion alarm is also triggering the door/window alarm even if the door is closed.

In OH1 it was working fine as i was defining exactly the sensor type and also the “respond-to-basic” part.

Anyone having the same problem or knows a solution for this?

Looking forward for your feedbacks.


The database isn’t configured fully - I just had a quick look and there are no types specified for the notifications. If you can update this it would be good - otherwise please raise an issue and I will try and find some time to update it!

@chris i’m still new to using the database, but i guess the process is described properly.
I will try to update it and if not i will raise an issue :slight_smile:

Would you provide me with edit access to the database?i have just sent you a request via email.

I hope :wink: but if you find anything you don’t understand, let me know and I can update…

I’ve just given you access - any problems, let me know…

I have just updated it and submit for review.

I hope i did it correctly :slight_smile:

What shall be the next step? how does it later on appear on the next release?

It looks ok.

I will update the binding - hopefully tonight, otherwise tomorrow.

I installed the same sensor, now it work for you?

Yes, now it is configured correctly and working like a charm for few months :slight_smile:

can you check for me if configurations are same? Will help very much :slight_smile:

The device was not initialized because I started OH2 since 1 minute. Temperature and illuminance sometime are coming. Motion and door/close … nothing…

Thank you very much

Hello Igor,
Sorry for the latency i was swamped with stuff for a few days.

Is it working correctly or not? I have a similar configs and it is working fine for me.