Philips Hue CLIP 2 API v2 Discussion Thread

Sorry but I don’t understand what you are trying to do here. Can you please explain more?

Is “DG NZ Off” the actual name of a scene? Open the scene channel in Main UI and click on the current scene (it may say UNDEF); it will show you the list of available scene names.



Ditto open the alert channel in Main UI and click on the current alert; it will show you the list of available alerts (probably “BREATHE”)


Hi @AndrewFG,
thanks for the quick reply.

I did use openhab:hue <bridgeUID> scenes and openhab:hue <bridgeUID> things to dump all scenes and things on my two Philips Hue bridges to files and then entered them correctly into my OpenHAB configuration files when I setup API v2. Using BasicUI to for example switch to the scene “DG NZ Off” works like a charm, as I have a scene with that name on the Hue bridge. So the scenes and things are all valid in my configs.

Regarding 1.: I use both OpenHAB to control my lights as well as regular physical Hue Dimmer Switches from Philips in different rooms. Pressing the ON button on the physical device toggles between Scenes, which have all been setup beforehand in the Hue App. Whenever I use the physical device to toggle scenes, I would expect the scene-channel for that room to return the friendly name of the scene I switched to. Instead it always returns UNDEF. This seems like an error to me. I have a workaround in place to detect the correct scene by different means and use postUpdate to set the Item in OpenHAB, but it would be way easier if the scene-channel of the room would return the correct friendly name of the scene I switched to using the physical Hue Dimmer Switch for that room.

Regarding 2.: DG NZ Off is a valid scene’s friendly name, setup by me using the Hue App and returned to me by openhab:hue <bridgeUID> scenes. Switching to it through BasicUI works, but not using sendCommand in rules.

Regarding 3.: same here, the device has an alert channel. But using the sendCommand("LSelect") et al. commands in rules does not do anything.

Thanks for your help. It’s greatly appreciated.

P.S.: for anybody that is curious, DG NZ Off is a scene that turns all lights off (and similarly named scenes for other rooms). To do that, I created a scene in the Hue App and then used WinHue on my PC to edit the scene and disable all lights in the scene as the Hue App does not support that (it wants at least one light to be turned on). This way I can use one Selection item in my sitemap to list all scenes for a room, including Off and don’t have to use a Switch as well as the Selection.

P.P.S: and if anybody wonders. I prefer writing my config in code instead of by the UI. I started that way before the UI was available as a viable alternative and I have all my configs in a Git repository, so that I can go back if need be, use branches when I work on adding new stuff etc.

A few things…

  1. there is a bug in the OH binding resp. the Hue bridge, when a scene is changed it first sends a message saying the new scene was enabled (which sets the scene name in UI) but it then sends a message saying the old scene was disabled (which sets the scene name in UI to UNDEF). I dont know why they send the disable message after the enable message (it used to be the other way round). But I am working on a fix to reverse the message order so the UI will display the right value.
  2. in light of the above, is your DG NZ Off really not working? Or just not updating the display?
  3. as you say DG NZ Off is quite funky can you please post some OH trace logs to show the network activity when you activate this scene?
  4. maybe also try the scene name in all lowercase and/or uppercase…

PS as I said already LSelect is not an alert name in API v2 … try BREATHE instead.

Is there any update on how to stop BREATHE action beside setting dimming to 0? Is this a limitation of the new Hue API in general or something that just not yet implemented, as the API is new and on the most likely long todo list?

My use case is, that a light is already on, I want to send BREATHE, stop it and the light should continue to stay ON (as it was on before).

Thanks already for your work :slight_smile:

It stops automatically after 15 seconds. And returns to its prior state.

Yes, your right, but that was not what I wanted to ask.
Sorry if the post before was unclear.

I wanted to ask if it’s possible to stop it prior to the automatic stop (like it was possible with the leffect from v1 API, where you could send NO_EFFECT if I remember correctly)

The two currently supported alerts are BREATHE and NO_ACTION. I did not try it, but possibly sending the latter to the channel may pre-emptively stop the former. Please let me know.

I have send the NO_ACTION command a few seconds after the BREATHE, but the lightbulb continues with the BREATHE action.

I have tested this with hue bridge software v1.61.1961076030 and a hue color lamp LCA006 with software 1.104.2

Hi Matthias,
same here. I used LSelect with API1.
With API2 I am unable to stop the Alarm Blinking (BREATHE) earlier.
In the meantime I accepted for myself that it is blinking for 15 seconds :slight_smile:
If you find a solution how to stop BREATHE earlier, please let us know.

Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I think this is just the way it is; and it is not something that the OH binding could change.

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Fair answer.

Realistically I expected this, but there was a little bit of hope that this is something to be influenced in the binding :person_shrugging:

Workaround will be as per Kai: accept the new behavior :rofl:

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Hi @AndrewFG,

thanks for your very quick and very effective help!

  1. pardon me asking, as I don’t know the exact release process for development on OpenHAB bindings. When is the fix going to be available? Probably with the next OpenHAB release? Is there maybe a possibility to get a a .jar file in the meantine to test it out before it ships with the next OpenHAB release?

2., 3. & 4.: I’m gonna check things out including having a look at the logs on the weekend. It’s definitely not just the display not being updated in OpenHAB, the light scene doesn’t change.

  1. about the BREATHE action…sorry, I did not get it the first time, my bad. But as others pointed out, as it cannot be stopped and runs for 15s I’ll revert to a fallback where I simulate the LSELECT effect by switching the color of a specific light, then turning it on and off with a small delay in between and then revert to the originally set color that I stored beforehand.

Keep up your excellent work. Thanks again for everything.


There are currently three Hue PRs waiting to reviewed and merged here … if we are lucky they will be included in OH v4.1 which should be delivered by Santa Claus … othwerwise if not lucky it will be in OH v4.2-M1 in January.


okay, thank you for the info. I have a workaround for now that works well, but I’ll be interested in testing out the fix as soon as it is available. Thanks again.

Regarding 2., 3. and 4.: for whatever bloody reason sendCommand(“DG NZ Off”) and similar now just work…cosmic bit flip? :wink: Whatever it is, I’m happy that everyhing works now.

I whish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas time.

Here you go Release Hue Test Release · andrewfg/openhab-addons · GitHub


Thank your. Unfortunately though I get the following error:

FrameworkEvent ERROR
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not resolve module: org.openhab.binding.hue [314]
  Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: org.openhab.core.config.discovery.upnp

I did uninstall the Hue Binding 4.0.4 via the Admin interface first, then dropped the jar file into the addons folder and restarted OpenHAB (both by doing shutdown -r inside karaf as well as restarting the whole docker container it runs in).

Any advise? Did I miss something?

You may need to install upnp…

feature:install openhab-transport-upnp

Running OH 4.1.1, I have some issues with the scene status. In the Hue App I configured a zone named Beneden and created a few scenes so I can toggle between them (also removed all default scenes from that zone). Next, I defined the actions for the on/off key of a Hue Dimmer Switch to toggle between those scenes when repeatedly pressed. The respective scene gets activated, as can also be seen in the Hue App, but somehow the Item remains UNDEF, except when activating one specific scene in the list…!?
The same happens when using the Hue App to select a scene in that zone.

The Item definition:

String Scene_downstairs "Avondverlichting" (gGroundFloor) {channel="hue:zone:br1:zone_downstairs:scene"}

The zone definition:

Thing zone  zone_downstairs  "Beneden" [resourceId="d0d22c12-8126-4753-934d-bb7a281c35c9"]

The discovered zones/rooms:

openhab> openhab:hue hue:bridge-api2:br1 things
Bridge hue:bridge-api2:br1 "Philips Hue Bridge" [ipAddress="", applicationKey="**REDACTED**"] {
// Device things
  Thing device 6d525b69-2cac-4c94-aeb7-97b130583bb0 "Bedlamp Rechts" [resourceId="6d525b69-2cac-4c94-aeb7-97b130583bb0"] // Hue ambiance lamp idV1:/lights/10
// Bridge home things
  Thing zone 5ecdc65b-999a-4fcc-98fb-5ee7d0947d5a "All lights" [resourceId="5ecdc65b-999a-4fcc-98fb-5ee7d0947d5a"] // Zone idV1:/groups/0
// Zone things
  Thing zone d0e12c12-9126-4753-934d-bb7a281c35c9 "Beneden" [resourceId="d0e12c12-9126-4753-934d-bb7a281c35c9"] // Zone idV1:/groups/81
// Room things
  Thing room 67756053-3832-423d-9ffe-8a8fc1536c7c "Keuken" [resourceId="67756053-3832-423d-9ffe-8a8fc1536c7c"] // Room idV1:/groups/5


And finally, the relevant scenes:

openhab> openhab:hue hue:bridge-api2:br1 scenes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Bridge hue:bridge-api2:br1 "Philips Hue Bridge" [ipAddress="", applicationKey="**REDACTED**"] {
  14c3a61e-8cd3-478e-9b15-89ef92e4772b 'Nachtlampje'
  522b215a-c912-4e8d-be51-85a4327cf328 'Avond beneden'
  5ff4c1f6-cb9f-480e-9fbb-7fd5492149c4 'Avond Hal-keuken'
  f1e71be3-9d8f-4d1a-91d4-c753a2f86605 'Avond hal'

For some reason only the scene Avond beneden gets reflected in the Item status. When on of the other scenes are activated, the status remains UNDEF.