Philips Hue with Schneider KNX Multi Touch Pro


I am new to Home automation and have not much knowledge

I am getting a new house constructed with home automation. I am getting schneider multi touch pro in all rooms and the lights I am using are Philip Hue. How can the lights be controlled by Schneider multi touch pro.

Your proposed setup would require to link the switches to items in OH2 and write rules that switch on your hue lights. An easy job for OH2. However, you just made openHAB a critical component of your house and when (not if… it will be down at some point) OH2 is down, the only way to switch your lights on and off will be via the hue app.

There are many many threads, for whole house automation. YOu may want to search the forum and read the discussions there. (see here for example: Smart lighting in a newly built house)

In a nutshell: smart switches rather than smart bulbs will cost you less; wired installation is much more reliable than wifi (eg., KNX, velbus will be based on wires); You can also make normal switches smart (Shelly, Sonoff). It is generally not recommended to rely solely on OH2 for critical system (light, heat, water, etc). A safe fallback system is key for a pleasant experience. Automation is an add-on, and its failure cannot lead you being stuck in a non-functioning house. The idea is to have a fall back system, to either old-fashioned switches, or something like KNX/velbus that is rock-solid working in the back, and does its job even when your wifi is down, our server crashed. Automation ideally comes on top of a rock-solid system.

Hope that gives your some pointers.

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I couldn’t agree more.


My primary advice for anyone is,

Please decide which parts of your house / home fall into the “Mission Critical” category, then the remaining can be called Architectural.

For example, primary light and heating / cooling should firmly sit in the Mission Critical group.

So you’ll NEED an infrastructure for your building control that is unwaveringly rock solid.

KNX is one option, but pricey and has its own unique programming issues.
Not that there is anything wrong with KNX, I just find it a little confusing.

Luxone is another, but requires a central processor to do anything.
Which in itself presents a single point of failure.

Velbus has a similar modular wiring structure, but is more affordable, expandable, has free and unlimited programming software.

Whatever you decide to install, I wish you the very best of luck.