Playsound volume

Hi OH2 comm,

these are my first steps in OH rules (and a few more in OH). Most Items are working fine including the Dash button and Sonos. I have these 2 Items used for a Rule called “Doorbell” :slight_smile:

The Rule works fine. OH2 stop the sonos playback, play the mp3 and resume to the radio stream - so far, so good.
But the playback volume of the MP3 file is very low.

I see the volume changes in the Log, but i don´t where i can find the value for the playsound to edit it.

can anybody help me to increase the WAF? :slight_smile:

regards Thomas

PS: I using the experimental rule engine UI and i hope, this is not the problem

Since you did not post which command is used to Play the mp3-file I can only assume it is the “Play” command. This one is using the “Notification Sound Volume” and not the normal volume. You can access this channel and set is volume before using that command! If you do not see this channel, just hit the “SHOW MORE” button.

Hey Opus,

Thank you sooo much! i´ve hit the “SHOW MORE” Button in the Sonos Thing and i found there the notification_volume :smiley:

so i just added a slider for this thing and… - it works!

just another question (little bit off topic)

if i create a rule with the ui, will OH create an *.rules file for this rule? i can´t find any file in the folders :frowning:


I’m so sorry, but I haven’t used this new rules engine (so far).
But I THINK the rules created on the UI would not be “visible” in .rules files, I’d rather THINK they would be “somewhere” in a database. But i do not know!!

You are correct. They are stored as JSON “somewhere” (I don’t know where) and they do not appear in .rules files.

I am just working on the same problem, so did get it right, that with your setup the doorbell mp3 is played with the notification volume on the default sink ? ( This is the case with my setup, and everything works fine with the default sink )

I would like to play the mp3 on all sonos devices with the notification volume, but i can not get that to work.

Did you manage to do so ?

Asking the same question as in here in an rather old thread and directly asking someone who hasn’t been online since 2017 migth not get a better answer!