PlayStation binding

I’ve come pretty far with a Sony PlayStation 4 binding and I think people can test it out now.

Right now you can;

  • Read and control power
  • Read game name/id
  • Start games/apps
  • Show cover art for games/apps
  • Send input controls.
  • Show/send text to on screen keyboard.
  • read and control connection to PS4.

Things not working/implemented;

  • Second screen (only possible from device connected to PS4 (OpenHABServer), is it possible to make a proxy in OpenHAB?).
  • Streaming conversations.
  • Take screen shot (maybe not possible).

According to the header in the document this is specification of waekup for PS3 done by Sony.

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What exactly can you do with that binding?


Nice. Ping me if ready for review.

Are there any official guide lines on how to name bindings? I would really like to release a first version for people to test.

I think playstation is fine.

Awesome!! I use PS4-Waker at the moment… but to have direct integration/an Openhab binding for PS4… Im looking forward to that! :slight_smile:

Updated first post with links and new information.

hello, this is my first post here, sorry if i do something wrong and because of my bad english (i hope google translate understandable).

with the Ps4 everything seems to work. Thank you for this binding!

Great Binding!

Following . . .

Links in first post updated again.

Better detection of PS3 and some timing adjustments during wake up of PS4.

Is someone willing to translate the binding?

Thank you very much for the binding. Professional work.

For those users like newbies like me and cannot use custom bindings and files can somebody create a tutorial / guide how to install this step by step? How to add manually the binding to OpenHab, how to create the things etc… The PS4 part to get the usercredential and passcode of course anybody can do himself.

If somebody would be so gentle and create this that would be a really big help to many of other users like me.

Thank you and have a nice day.

*1 You drop the jar-file in the “addons” folder in openhab installation.
*2 Do what you normally do.
*3 Profit!?

I Have only used the binding with Paper-UI so far, if you go to your inbox after the plug-in is installed you should see any PS4 on your network there. Just click add, then you can configure the thing and add some more channel if you want.

Hi there! Anyone besides me has problems with controlling application with input keys?

I’ve installed the binding and I am able to move around on main menu with input keys. But as soon as I enter an application (make it Netflix for instance), these input keys stop working.

It seems the keys are not working in most apps, I can’t do more than the official second screen app from Sony, sorry.

Thank you for your Binding! :+1:

  1. copied it to the addon folder,
  2. the ps4 was in the inbox in the PaperUI
  3. only after a restart, the power thing had the correct name for the channel (at the first attempt, there was a string attached like “helperchannel” or so …
  4. if the playstation is on, obenhab knows its power status.
    Question: is it possible to switch off the playstation via OpenHAB Switch?

Yes, I use it with a PS 4 Pro even as a HomeKit Switch and it works fine!

Hmm, the playstation remains off.

Did you type in your user name password, when you set up the binding? I just added the location, not more.

You need a 64character user-credential to control the PS4, this can be obtained by running ps4waker as described in the readme.