Plex binding for oh3 stuck?

Hey everyone,
I’ve been waiting for the plex binding to be updated to the openHAB v3 from some time now. It worked fine in v2.5 but there’s no binding now.
I noticed that there appears to be something stuck:

And there’s apparently 12 reviewers decision pending as well.

After the recent successful update to the iOS app, I figured I would try to push this topic as well. I’m certain that I’m not the only one looking forward to connecting plex again.

I also heard about using mqtt through tautulli but honestly, I think that the binding is the best solution.

The pull request is broken. Seems there went something wrong during rebase by the original contributor. You, the contributer or anyone else could fix it. See Rebase your code! Or: how to fix your git history before requesting a pull for an explanation.

If that has been done, it will be re-enqueued into the list of pending PRs to be reviewed.

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I’m willing to pick it up again and get the PR fixed if you guys can review it and get it accepted/merged




:boom: :boom: :boom:
Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

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