Popp Smoke Detector and Siren

I’m not sure if there are any parameters you can adjust - certainly it’s not a normal feature. You could ask Popp and see what they say…

Battery measurements are often quite poor, but this does appear “particularly bad” :wink: .

Hi, did you already ask the Popp support?


No, unfortunately, had no time yet. But I’ll do it this week!

OK, thx. I just wanted to make shure that we don’t do it twice

But you also can do it, maybe you have a little bit more time than me!


Ok. Support-Request done!

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Have already got an answer. So, the value is always at 100. If the battery is almost empty, the battery alarm is already triggered. Only very shortly before the battery is completely empty, 0 is displayed.


Thanks for the answer. But this is really a bullshit design! I had expected a bit more. Sure they can’t run a highly accurate ADC on such a battery device, but I had expected at least something in 10% steps. :frowning:


Indeed, what a scrap.

Now I’m going to disable Parameter 6: Status of automated meshing of battery alarms.

Then writing a rule. When value of BatteryLevel ==0 then send notification…


@Celaeno1 Thx for the request. Same for me, I will implement a rule as well.

@HolgerL You are right. I expected the same and will now delete the battery % from the GUI because it is really useless

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Battery Level is really useless on these bastards :rage:
Mine now start to beep, at least 2 or 3 of them, after about 10 months. But the reported value is still 100%.
So I am now buying a new set of lithium batteries for about 30€. This is high cost to operate these sensors!

Does anybody have a recommendation based on long-term experience with smoke sensors? Unfortunately I had no luck with Z-Wave devices from Fibaro, Popp or Devolo. All of them start beeping after 6-10 months repeatedly (the most expensive one - Devolo - even after a couple of days with fresh battery) and I’m fed up with them. They cost me a bunch of money and from the battery aspect (and environmental one) they are rubbish.

I don’t mind if they are based on something different than Z-Wave (though I’d prefer Z-Wave), but just if somebody has positive long-time experience with them.

Ah - and I don’t get why all of them just always report 100% battery despite the fact that they beep and indicate that the battery is empty.

I use two of them until 2018-01-13. Battery level on both 100%. But I read somewhere here that is will stay at 100% until battery is empty :wink:

That is exactly the problem I aimed to describe and that makes me throw them out of the house. :wink:

I’m not with you. They should last 10 years. For me it is normal, that 100% is still there. I will report in one year what about the battery level.

All other smoke detectors drain very fast.

Anyhow - we can discuss now whether you have different problems than I do with my 12 smoke sensors. But in the end I am looking for recommendations from people with long-term experience with smoke sensors that can interact with OpenHAB. All of my Z-Wave smoke sensors start beeping and reporting low battery within 10 months, but keep telling me in OpenHab it’s at 100%.

We can use this thread to collect all smoke sensor experiences. I’m very interest too.

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Everspring SF812: worst zwave device I’ve ever had: does not support wake up on its own, drains battery within 6 month.

POPP 004001: not bad, can be used as external siren, but battery lasts only about 9 month,

I use the same POPP 004001: my battery is at 100% since 11 month now. Will see what happens :wink:

I know :sunglasses: It even shows 100% when empty …