Portugal, alguem?

(English :slight_smile: )
anyone from Portugal, for idea & experience interchange ?



alguém de Portugal ?,
para troca de ideias e experiências ?


I am from Portugal! Tudo bem como esta a tua config? eheh

Finalmente alguém :slight_smile:
[PT ]
Vai andando, a nível de OH o principal está feito, vou começar a trabalhar no HW (Arduino e afins).

Sou de Oeiras e tu ? Cafezinho ?

No meu caso é para uma casa nova a ser construída e onde a ideia é quase controlar tudo (luzes,estores,portas,sensores vários, etc); e tu ?

[ EN ]

Finally someone: slight_smile:

Its going ok, the OH level the principal is done, I will start working on HW (Arduino and the like).

I @Oeiras and you? Coffee?

In my case it is for a new home to be built and where the idea is almost control everything (lights, shutters, doors, various sensors, etc.); and you ?

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Guys, please post in English language or continue your personal talking over private messaging.



I am from Amadora, I just installed yesterday my OH too! I am just waiting to configure it and understand the rulles my idea is to control lights and various sensor for now based on the ESP8266! What will you use?

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hi Hugo,

it will be something like this :

i starting to work on the HW… :-
on the SW side its almost ok :slight_smile:

and you have you advanced initial setup ?

(we can meet in Amadora… i from Cacem :slight_smile: )

I’m from Povoa de Santa Iria :slight_smile:

Iam from Barcarena and dont understand much of this.

as anyone integrated it with google assistant in portuguese?


Now for the Portuguese:

Of course que sim :slight_smile:

Rio de Mouro, Sintra.

Se precisarem de ajuda em alguma coisa é só apitar. Quem está a começar, se quiser, pode ver uns videos que fiz para ajudar os meus amigos que não paravam de me perguntar como se fazia. ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTPhiSKCpfx6jKFEeJk5oq6eW8ELRrbIe )

Hi I am from UK but living in Portugal near to Viseu. In my UK I have an openhab system that controls everything and I can check/control remotely.

I am rebuilding an old house here that I will install a new openhab to control most everything.

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Hi folks / boas malta
One more here from Santo Tirso.
Discovered this topic, searching for “openhab Portugal” :slight_smile:
But here isn’t any forum/topic in Portugal to discuss.

I have a KNX home automation working and doing the first steps in OH.
Stopped because it don’t handle (at least in easy way) with pulse signals for opening house door and garage door. But will continue.

btw, What interface do you use in your mobiles?


Hello Jorge,

I Implement solutions for KNX and use the OpenHab for the frontend.
Opening garage door, or main doors are normaly done by electric pulse, so the easyest way is to create a timered task in the KNX output device and then in the Openhab just call that task…Easy :slight_smile:
If you have some questions just beep.

Regards from Portugal


I’m from Açores. I’m currently preparing the making all the hardware needed. I’m makingbthe pcbs expansion boards, arduinos and sensors, modbus communication etc. And starting the software with openhab with habpanel.

I’m from Portugal too. My main OH installation is in Aveiro, here is a brief resume:

Server - QNAP
Hubs / brokers - Rpi4 / zbbridge
rj45 devices - Smart TVs, pellet stove
wifi devices - smart plugs, air conditioners, relays
zigbee sensors - rain, humidity/temperature, door/window, movement detection

Main apps: heating control, irrigation, power saving

It’s a pity that Home Assistant has a very active portuguese forum, but this is not the case with OH.

Yes, I’m from Portugal too and I’m starting a project for my new house.
I will open a topic with the project.


Raspberry Pi;
Modbus RTU Modules IO for Windows shutters, lights, and AQS control;
Z-Wave for temperature and Smoke detection;
Daikin Binding integration to control the AC.