Possible corruption, causing bindings to be turned off?

Today I had a need to reboot my Pi3 running the unstable apt-get version of OpenHAB 2.2.0.

Post reboot, I found my OpenHAB instance not responsive. Not really knowing where to turn, I upgraded to the latest version, which got me back up and running somewhat, only I found this time I had lost some bindings and only had PaperUI running. I enabled a few bindings again, and stumbled across references to “addons.cfg” on the Community.

Further investigation led me to find that org.openhab.addons.cfg appeared to be (what I assume to be) corrupted. When comparing to my backup, I found the “live” addons.cfg was littered with 's and the manually re-added bindings had escaped the \“blah blah, blah\”

Has anyone seen this before?

package = \"standard\"
ui = \"basic,paper,habmin\"
remote = \"true\"
binding = \"zwave,astro,exec,hue,nest,network,onkyo,samsungtv,lgtv1,wol1,ntp,weatherunderground,expire1,http1\"zwave,http1,expire1
action = \"mail\"
misc = \"homekit,openhabcloud\"homekit,openhabcloud
persistence = \"rrd4j\"rrd4j
voice = \"marytts\"
transformation = \"map\"
legacy = false

Yes, similar. Have a look here, maybe it helps.

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Exactly that! Thanks for the link!

Guess I’m not alone. Luckily I had a backup to compare with which allowed me to get up and running pretty quickly. Strange that it happens randomly.

Oh well, thanks again!