Posting possible bugs in GitHub

Dear all,

I am new to OH and I very much appreciate the work done here.

Currently I experience some issues where I strongly assume bugs in bindings. I would be very happy to resolve them by myself, but unfortunately, I am no Java programmer:

  1. List item The Tradfri binding does not work for some others and me and the gateway goes offline (Tradfri binding loses connection after Power failure / gateway reboot). There has been some improvement on the ESH side, but this did not resolve the issue.
  2. List item The CalDAV-personal binding (originally being developed for OH1) does not work for me as expected - basically something with the scheduler, I assume (CalDAV personal: Switch item is always delayed for ON, on time for OFF). I received some support by a friendly member. But as the code is nearly untouched since three years, whether it is running perfectly and the error is on my side, or the code is not actively maintained anymore and so I would like to place a bug report, hoping for someone to care for it.

I don’t want to stress people, and as I have no experience on development communities, I wanted to ask how I should proceed: Is it sufficient to have the forum threads, or should I register at GitHub and place a bug report (is this even possible for me?), or should I contact someone to place a bug report?

Thanks a lot,

Anyone can submit an issue on github. Just check first to make sure someone else hasn’t submitted the same issue.

Thanks. I created two bug reports:


I hope I did it right.