Preview and Beta: Amazon Echo Control

.de or .com to login ?

.de i think.
It should fix the login through http://XXX:8080/amazonechocontrol
Was there ever a dependency of .de or .com?


Doesn’t work for me.
It’s always connecting to the international (.com) address where it would need to go to the .de one (where I can login if going direct).
Amazon always asks for a one time password and when I enter it there’s a redirect returned but that redirection does not seem to work, I always get something like

Invalid redirect to '

Did you follow the reverification?
Also in previous versions it connected to the international address.
Our tests shows its not a problem to connect there.

what exactly do you mean? I’ve obtained and entered the OTP one-time password, yes.

I think Amaz*n can change that at any time, can’t they? They did or they did not
Can you make the URL the binding logs into configurable ? the host part at least ?

Yes the OTP. After you entered the Account Thing, it should be online.
If you logout and login it should not ask for OTP anymore.
Sometimes it still ask for OTP but the reason is still hidden.

Edit: The .de address doesn’t work in my tests.
We did not change the login process, we only fixed a wrong id in the url.


Yes I went through OTP and regular password changes multiple times. No luck.

Yeah but @J-N-K mentioned it -occasionally- didn’t work in earlier versions either. Seems to depend on account and coincidence, and me having pretty much bad luck
I cannot directly lo into .com as it’s always redirecting me to .de.
Can you make the URL (hostname part) the binding logs into configurable so Germans can try with .de ?

It don’t think its possible to use a .de Login page with the current code. Its seems the code target to .com. But i will ask the question to the alexa community. Will report as soon as possible. Thank you for testing in any way.

Ok, it seems to be reproducible. Got the same error.

For me it still shows “Enter a valid email or mobile number”

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The alexa community verified the .com address is valid and ok.
I think your account is in a state (like my was) the Binding is not able to handle.
Can you please goto and login.
It should ask you for a new password, please follow the process until you logged in with a new password. After it, goto the amazoncontrol website and try to login again.
It should work after this process.


Can you please try it again, maybe 3 times. It seems the id sometimes is not valid.
This would help to verify the process and to fix the issue.

Thank you in advance.

Tried it several times now.
No luck unfortunately.

@nephrotranz Ok, can you remove the jar and copy it to openhab2-addons again, so it will reload and try it again. It is not a fix to get you logged in but i need this information to verify the issue.


Yes, but I will need some minutes.

By the way it only happens to my main Amazon account since this morning.

I have a second account, there I get the message that I need to change my password.

I also got the “change password” message for my main account this morning several times, but after I changed the password for the second or third time I suddenly got this “Enter a valid email or mobile number”.

Removed the jar and copied it to the folder again two times and of course restarted openHAB two times, but still the same error.

For any reason since this morning I also need to confirm every normal login on the Amazon website with a code. No idea if this is new or if it is because of all the password changes today.

I have to enter the OTP sometimes and sometimes not, so i think this is a change on the server side.

The .com/.de issue was just a guess. I tried to change that but it is far more difficult than changing the server. There are several other components which seem to be localized and I didn‘t manage to successfully login via .de server from openHAB. I can confirm that I see only .de requests when I login to Alexa from my Webbrowser directly.

Any idea why I get the “please change your password” message with two Amazon accounts I never used during the last years and with my main Amazon account it says “Enter a valid email”?

Where is the difference?

This is not that easy to explain. The change password message seems to be a new server side protection. And the “Enter a valid…” is an error because of an id in the request which is not valid.