Problem with Item in myopenhub

Greetings to all and thank you for your help, I describe my problem that is driving me crazy.
I installed OpenHabian Vers, everything works in local, the problem is that I do not see the items appear in the (

If I use ( everything works.
I installed openHAB Cloud the configuration is done see below:![1|690x348]
I also used Tag Lighting and Blinds in the .Item file created with paper ui using REST API.
But no items are synced to me on the portal.
I need to then be able to use IFTTT so as to create the commands is to associate OPENHAB.
Can you give me some info on how I still have to do
Excuse my not very English English

You need to change the state of the item at least once to see it.

This is disabled currently as it puts to much load on the server:

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I have also changed the status from OFF to ON and vice versa but nothing.
So from what I read is a DB problem where it is hosted, you need to be patient until the problem is solved
We hope as soon as possible.

If you don‘t want to wait, setup your own cloud instance and connect IFTTT to that instance.
Searching the forum will give you helpfull instruction how to setup.

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thanks for the solution but how i look for the documentation, to connect my instance with ifttt
I could help you out
Thank you

If you can‘t find it, please read this

thank you very much I hope to understand how to configure …

managed to install the openhub server on a vps it publishes the items correctly but when I go to associate Ifttt from the site it is use openhub does not let me put my Openhub but offers me the default
How can I put my address so that the published items are shown.
Thank you all