Myopenhab not reachable

Hello everybody,

Just as an info and to report what I have tested right now. I restarted my system and in the logs there is no log line where it says that it is connected or disconected to the openHAB Cloud service. Just these two messages appear:

A connection to was leaked. Did you forget to close a response body?
Socket.IO error: {}

Entering says that my system is offline.

Thanks @digitaldan for all your work and support.

Don’t need reboot your system … just wait …

I agree, but It was just to give it a try because something that helps could come up in the logs, that was my thought…


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the problem persists for several hours even after restarting services :confused:

Looks like is coming up with an SSL error but if you go to it loads fine. Seems like a certificate issue with that particular hostname.

Want to give an update. Our MongoDB has grown very large and is toppling over on it self with item updates and access logs being pushed by the 20k+ OH instances constantly. My guess is there is a lot of tuning we can (need) to do to make this better, but that’s going to take some time.

Until we can get that figured out, i have made a few changes I hope will dramatically improve the performance and availability of the service, with the tradeoff that IFTTT triggers will not be working during this time.

One major performance issue we are seeing is the update of item events, which is mainly used for IFFFT triggering. This is a two step call, we query the item out of mongo , compare the old value to the one which just received , and if its changed write the item back to the DB.

This is generating a mind boggling amount of traffic on our node and mongdb servers, and i believe we have hit a tipping point. I am going to re-evaluate this part of the code and see if there’s a better way to do this. Until then, we may need to live without this for a little while.

I have just made these changes and restarted all services, so OH’s should be connecting over the next hour or so. I will also say that there still need to be more investigative work done here and much of this is still speculative on my part until i can monitor the system as it comes back up.

If there are any MongoDB experts who know how to tune for performance (beyond adding index’s and changing ulmits) I would appreciate and assistance.

Long story short, hopefully the service is coming up now and i will continue to monitor.


Thanks for what you’re doing to get the system back up, @digitaldan. I just came online with my first OH instance last night (I hope my 3 Insteon devices weren’t the straw that broke the camel’s back :fearful:) You mentioned that IFTTT triggers will not be working for a while - what about other http bindings? That’s where I’ve been playing with mixed success. I don’t want to blame the system outage for my bad code or vice versa. Thanks!

Many thanks for your fast effort!

Thank you very much @digitaldan, it work :slight_smile:

As I’ve read through your detail again, I think I understand what you mean and, yes, those services will be offline for now. I will stand down on my development in that area for the moment.

So I am only talking about the IFTTT integration where an openHAB item event can trigger a IFTTT action through myopenHAB and our official IFTTTT integration. I’m not sure what other “http bindings” you mean?

I’m using the http binding addon rather than the native IFTTT integration. In my experimental work, I have a Switch in the insteonplm.items file set to send a web call to a 3rd party web server, using that binding, when its state changes to “ON”. It worked last night but now I can’t get it to fire. If it’s not related, it’s coincidental.

@digitaldan It looks like it was me. I’ve got it working again. I was making changes but the timing was too coincidental to not consider that the issues may be related.

Hi Dan…
Is this a software issue only, or is it a mix between software and hardware? I wonder if there is anything we can do to perhaps change hardware? (I have no idea how the structure is for the myopenhab cloud server).

Throwing more hardware at it is always an option, but that requires investments in the software configuration to cluster, tune, test and manage, so a very very large effort. It also may only be a short term gain until our load pushed it again. By turning off these IFTTT item updates we have reduced load on our mongodb server by 90% , so i would rather solve the software problem in this case.

Okay, I was just curious if there were something we (users) could do to help, beside software that is :slight_smile:

Ok so IFTTT unfortunately triggers some heavy load. Though I’m just using one IFTTT trigger for Strava, I’m wondering if there is any other option for Openhab to receive webhooks? Of course polling every X seconds is always an option, but not really sexy. So do you know a way, how my OH instance without port opening can receive push notifications/webhooks to react on?

Thanks for your continous work Dan!

What is disabled is openHAB triggering IFTTT, not IFTTT sending a command to openHAB, that part still works. Are you talking about IFTTT -> openHAB, or openHAB -> iFTTT

I was talking about IFTTT --> openHab. But the question was more likely to be in general, like if there is any way to get a webhook to my openHab instance. At the moment, the only way I can think of is IFTTT --> myopenhab --> openHab. Or are there any other?

So this still works, just to be clear.

Your openHAB instance has a REST interface that is available through myopenhab using HTTP Basic auth (and your myopenhab username password) so you could have something update an item externally , for example using curl (command line http client) i can trigger a switch to “ON” like:

curl  -u username:password -H "Content-Type: text/plain"  -X POST -d "ON"

Some systems may also use this format for auth, as long as they can send a POST command to a URL:

Just be careful exposing your system like this.

Does that help?