Triggering IFTTT Applets using Webhooks instead of the OpenHab service


I used to trigger my IRobot Roomba via IFTTT and the OpenHab IFTTT service.
Sadly the IFTTT service does not work since several weeks, as @digitaldan explains here:

Now I had some time to search for an alternative, and thanks to the IFTTT Webhooks Service I found a solution.

  1. Activate the Webhook service in your IFTTT account and create a new IFTTT applet where the Webhook is the trigger
  2. In an openhab rule just add a sendHttpGetRequest which sends a HTTP request to the webhook and triggers the applet

Here a short example how my IRobot (his name is “Saugi” :wink: )is trigerred within a rule:

rule "roomba_activate_bytime"
    Time cron "	0 0 11 ? * MON-FRI *" or
    Time cron "	0 0 12 ? * MON-FRI *" or
    Time cron "	0 0 13 ? * MON-FRI *" or
    Time cron "	0 0 14 ? * MON-FRI *" 
    logInfo("Rule Roomba By Time","Rule Roomba started")
    //Check if no Cellphone is connected to the Wifi and if the robot has already bin started
    if((JensiPhone.state == CLOSED) && 
    (JaninasSamsung.state == CLOSED) &&    
    (status_roomba_automode.state == ON) &&
    (status_roomba_start.state == OFF)){    
        logInfo("Rule Roomba By Time", "Saugi activated")
        var response = sendHttpGetRequest("")        
        logInfo("Rule Roomba By Time", response)
    else {
        logInfo("Rule Roomba By Time", "Saugi not activated")

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