Problems with paperUI AND habmin

i’ve had a problem with paperUI for a while now:
when opening http://openhabianpi-ip:8080/paperui/index.html#/inbox/search i get a popup error: “ERROR: 500 - Internal Server Error” - as i have not encountered more errors i ignored this :slight_smile:

today i installed habmin via paperUI but habmin doesn’t really work!

i get this error for Bindings, Things (some things are shown, some are missing), persistence etc.
i don’t get an error for items, but most items are missing - as far as i can see all items.conf are not there, some “openhab2”-items (linked via paperUI) are missing, too.

what exactly is wrong with my system and how can i fix this? i don’t get any errors in openhab.log


edit: clearing cache doesn’t help.

edit2: web-console (firefox) shows this when accessing paperUI start page:

Source-Map-Fehler: request failed with status 404
Ressourcen-Adresse: http://openhabianpiip:8080/paperui/js/angular.min.js

is this connected with my paperUI error?

uninstalling cometvisu backend and php support solved both problems?