Problems with Philips Hue Motion Sensor and OpenHab?


Has anyone experienced problems with using a Phlips Hue Motion Sensor with OpenHab and motion stopped being picked up after a day? To get it working again I deleted the Hue Motion Sensor from OpenHab, physically reset it and then added it back again to OpenHab (not via the Hue app). I updated my code to point to the new channel and all worked o.k. for a day or so again. Sitemap was showing activity as OFF and ON o.k. indicating motion and I set up a rule so I know it definitely works o.k.

For no reason motion then stops again and sitemap is now showing as a dash — instead of OFF and ON. No motion is also picked up via the rule which previously worked o.k.

I checked PaperUI and the Hue Motion Sensor is still showing as Online. I know it is definitely still linked to OpenHab because I am still getting Temperature and Luminance readings from it via the Basic Sitemap but not motion. In the Hue app its showing as motion being detected.

So I physically delete the Motion Sensor again and re-add it via + --> Things – Hue Binding and works for about a day then stops again.

Is this a bug in the Hue Binding? or is something causing it to stop?

Anyone else had this problem?


Yeah, oddly I’ve been having problems with my Hue motion sensor lately. This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve had a thing about motion sensors for awhile. Here is a thread I started about motion sensors about a year ago

At first my hue motion sensor used a pair of AAA batteries about once every 3 months. Eventually it was using them in about a month, but a new pair of batteries always brought it right back to working condition. Well now I’ve swapped out the batteries 3 times (even went and bought some new) and the sensor is offline

OK Changing the type to Switch instead of Motion within the .items file brings it back to life. See if it continues to work after today. :crossed_fingers:

I have 8 of these in my setup; please let me know if I can help in anyway? I don’t go through batteries at all.

Best, Jay

Sorry for posting to a somewhat old topic, but I am fairly certain there are still plenty of people with issues like these and I sense I might have a simple fix for part of the problems out there.

I am new to the openHAB party, so don’t have any long-term experience to share. Having said that, I have struggled with my Philips Hue (1st gen) sensors for a week now. Registering them was no problem, but getting readings was impossible until I deleted and re-added them several times. Then all seemed fine, until at some point (anywhere between a few hours to about a day) they just went off-line.

Then I replaced the re-chargeable batteries with regular ones and now things seem to be running fine. The manual actually seems to mention this (see Q4 at Philips Hue Motion Sensor Battery Guide: All You Need To Know - Smart Home Point). I guess the 1.2v of a re-chargeable vs the 1.5v of a regular battery makes all the difference…