Problems with weather binding (forecast rain)

Hi there!
i’m using the weather binding (1.11.0) with this weather.cfg

and this item:

Number Niederschlag_DS_fc1 "Niederschlag DS Vorhersage +1"	{weather="locationId=muc, forecast=1, type=precipitation, property=rain"}

and this is what i get:

2018-01-15 21:49:01.997 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Niederschlag_DS_fc1 changed from UNDEF to 0.40

but what is 0.40 !?

here:,11.5754/2018-1-16/si12/de it says forecast for total rain tomorrow is 9.6 mm

so there are basically 2 questions here:

  1. what value (0.40) am i reading?
  2. is it possible to get forecast for rain total (today +1, +2, …)?
Number   Rain          "Rain [%.2f mm/h]"   {weather="locationId=homeEdmond, type=precipitation, property=rain"}
Number   Rain_Inches   "Rain [%.2f in/h]"   {weather="locationId=homeEdmond, type=precipitation, property=rain, unit=inches"}


hmm, k. thanks for the hint. but i’m not getting anywhere…
none of linked sites mention “precipitationDay” ?
i tried with

Number Niederschlag_DS_fc1 "Niederschlag DS Vorhersage +1"	{weather="locationId=muc, forecast=1, type=precipitationDay, property=rain"}

that’s not really helping:

2018-01-16 07:32:53.545 [ERROR] [el.item.internal.GenericItemProvider] - Binding configuration of type 'weather' of item 'Niederschlag_DS_fc1' could not be parsed correctly.

is precipitationDay meant for “type” or “property”? i would really appreciate some help, lost the whole evening yesterday and still in the dark :frowning:
i found some posts regarding precipitationDay but only in connection with the WeatherUnderground binding…