PSA: 50% discount when changing MAX! System to Homematic IP

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I just found this out and even though it has nothing todo with OpenHAB itself I think it might be useful for some as people use the MAX! system.
They stopped the development of the MAX! system and the cloud support will end 07.2023. I assume also software support will end.

Therefore there is a special promotion until end of the year where you can exchange your MAX! devices with Homematic IP devices. You get 50% discount on the equivalent Homematic IP devices.

Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, France:


I hope this post does not break any forums rules, I am not affiliated with those companies and I do not get anything from posting this here, just thought it would be interesting for some. I use the MAX! system myself.

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That’s a fair offer IMHO, but still another example of bad company policy. MAX! were a little more than half the price of HomeMatic, you could get a window sensor for 20€. Got plenty of those.
They probably decided to shut it down when they figured out people went buying that instead :angry:
Existing devices should continue to work so why pay for an upgrade that gets you - nothing ?
I’d rather use the money to buy some spare parts.
Just make sure you get rid of the crappy MAX! cube. Flash it into a CUN and use homegear.

Well, if someone doesn’t use it anymore and it is just lying around one can exchange it for the new system and sell it with full warranty. :nerd_face:

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