Qubino Mini Dimmer ZMNHHD no Channels

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Thanks @sihui

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But i can’t imagine that i am the only one to have this problem.

It is quite possible that in the stable release you are using the database export did not work.
Other users may use an older or newer zwave binding version where the database export went well.

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True me too :grinning:. Glad @sihui found it this time


I read something about three different Java platforms.
Zulu would be the recommended one.
Do you know why OpenJDK is installed on my system? I thought Openhabian was especialy for Openhab -noobs like me…
(btw, i realy would like to get it work with my Google home devices. so maybe using an other java platform would be better)

What does java -version give you?

java -version
openjdk version "1.8.0_242"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Zulu (build 1.8.0_242-b20)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (Zulu (build 25.242-b20, mixed mode)

Works great, follow the docs:

All Zulu Community builds of OpenJDK are free to download and use without restrictions.

(Shame on me)

It looks ok to me. Based on the thing ID, the link you’ve provided is not the same for the database and github. The database has a name of minidimmer which means this is the correct thin definition -:

Upps, sorry :innocent:

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Hmm to bad so it stays unresolved why this device isn’t showing options voor config params and association groups in openhab (ZMNHHD Qubino Mini Dimmer missing association groups,channels , configuration options but works).

I tried to add/remove (also on controller itself ) a few times but the result is always the same.
Device is recognized but no options available to configure it (in habmin of paperui) .

Sorry if I’ve missed it, but have you provided information on your device? Either the XML file, or at least the parameters showing the device type, id and version?


So the issue is caused by there being two devices in the database with the same IDs -:

This can happen when the database gets updated, and is fixed when I do a complete database export (which I only do a few times a year - normally a month or two before a major release). In this case, a new device was added (1188) which was then deleted, but it still exists in GH.

I’ve now deleted this in GH and it should resolve this issue in the next update.


For troubleshooting this in the future, does the duplicate show in the database or GH or both? Looks like just GH.

It is in both, but not if you search the database directly. Since it’s marked as deleted in the database, it doesn’t show in the search, but if you know the database ID (which you can easily get from GH) then you can easily find it in the database.

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This fixed my problem. Just verified with the nightly build. Had to remove the old “wrong” thing and add it again. All config options and association groups are there :+1:


Not yet working for me.
But i have to concentrate me on the rflink first.

Unfortunatly i could not set all my things at Openhab.
Especialy the rflink was a pain in the back end of my body.
I switched back to Domotics to operate my house again. (every light, heating, themperature sensors, etc, etc. is dependent on automation. No switches in the wall.)
BUT (!!!) the mini dimmers are working.
Also the P1 and P2 versions of the Qubino thermostates are working perfect now (maybe because of a change in de data base aswell.
We work on Openhab on a saperate Pi and hopefully we can swap in the future.

Thanks al for so far.

Those will work on openHAB too. You just need to upgrade your zwave binding to the latest snapshot (there is even a foolproof script available) and delete the Thing from PaperUI and readd it (do not exclude the device):

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