Quick questions about moving config from BasicUI to MainUI

I’ve moved from 2.5 to 3.1 and now I’m trying create user friendly interface.
Now I don’t know how create button ( is it a button or maybe widget? ) with avg temp on it.
Something like that but with temperature instead NULL:

  1. How can I create switch with mappings:
 Selection item=Denon_Input	      mappings=["Internet Radio"="iRadio", "SAT/CBL"="TV", "MPLAY"="AndroidTV", "USB/IPOD"="USB", "TUNER"="Radio"] visibility=[Denon_Power==ON]
  1. How and where I can set visibility of items in MainUI ?

The MainUI interface is fairly different not only in syntax, but in concept from the old basic UI. The best thing for you to do is to start at the beginning of the UI docs and work your way through. Your questions should be answered by the explanations and examples in those docs. In particular the Overview, the Layout Page, and the Building Pages docs should help.

  1. Use a group item and you can set it to display the average value of its members.

  2. Try looking and searching for “State Description” metadata. If you want to define your own options and labels, then you use the options field.

  3. It is found in the metadata from memory?

I’ve already read tutorial (even few times) but I don’t understand how I can convert some settings from sitemap to mainUI .


  1. I try something easier - display temperature on eguipment label but it doesn’t show on mainUI. I see it on Model but not in Location tab.

Here are my settings:

  1. I will try - thanks.

  2. I want hide some options when my TV or amp is OFF but when I turn it on they should be visible - like in sitemaps option visibility.

 Selection item=Denon_Input	      mappings=["Internet Radio"="iRadio", "SAT/CBL"="TV", "MPLAY"="AndroidTV", "USB/IPOD"="USB", "TUNER"="Radio"] visibility=[Denon_Power==ON]
  1. I don’t know what your trying to do, but perhaps trying to display an equipment is not the correct approach, maybe you need to use a normal group? If your still wanting to display the average temperature then you would use a normal group not the ‘equipment’ sub type. It would also help if you showed the group expanded to show what is a member of the group.

[OH3 widget] Hide widget component depending on a configured item - Tutorials & Examples / Solutions - openHAB Community

I’m not the best person to help with this as I dont try and create fancy UI’s, instead I try to create automations and voice control so others in my house dont need to open an app or walk to a tablet. The UI is just for me as the admin to test with so best to get someone with more knowledge and experience to comment.

Because of the way the model cards are setup, groups, it seems, were never considered a likely default item type (all the other items are sorted by their semantic groups or tags, so displaying group items just doesn’t make sense in most cases). So when you try to include a group item, it just defaults to an oh-label-item without too much extra detail, including, not reporting the state because most groups do not have a state worth reporting. Since your use case is different you will have to supply a new default widget for the model cards to use on your group.

It appears that you have given the object a default standalone widget, but this does not impact the appearance of the items on the model cards, those are in a list and therefore use the default list widget metadata instead.

Thank you JustinG! This is it!

Is there a tutorial or a document where are discribed metadata, widgets etc ?

It’s all int he docs:


I’ve got another question - why on location page is displayed avg temperature? I want see only temp from main thermometer (red square)


There’s a special case here. Without some sort of extra information from you, there’s no way for the system to know which is the “important” temperature of the various temperature points in that location. Since it can’t decide it just uses the average. You can override this default behavior by adding the temperature point that you want directly to the location group as well. You can see below that the temperature item is a point of the sensor equipment but also shows a has location tag because of the direct membership in the location group.

You can’t do this through the model page, you just have to go to the item page and edit the item and add it to the group directly that way.

As far as I know, this is the only situation where putting an item in two different semantic groups doesn’t break the model.

It worked like a charm