Rachio Binding - Help Finding & Installing

I’d like to install the Rachio binding. It does not appear in my PaperUI list of possible bindings. I have seen multiple comments in the forum that might help me, such as enabling beta bindings in PaperUI or installing the addon from GitHub. If possible, I’d like to install it using PaperUI so updates propagate naturally as opposed to me having to remember to update the binding if I went with the GitHub manual install approach.

So here any my questions:

  1. Should the Rachio binding appear in the PaperUI list of bindings? If so, I assume I’m not seeing it because of some OpenHAB cache issue that needs to be fixed. Otherwise, I’d like to know why I’m not seeing it. It appears that it has been available for roughly a year, and I find it strange that it’s not in the list.
  2. In case the binding is still in beta, is it possible I can enable beta bindings in PaperUI? If so, how do I go about that? I searched the forums and did not find anything. Apologies if I completely missed it, which would mean I chose some poor keywords in my search.
  3. Should I need to grab it from GitHub, could someone please step me through the manual process of installing a binding, or link me to some documentation on the topic? Also, I’m wondering which branch I should grab, as all of these seem valid on the surface: beta1, 2.5.0pre1, or master.

As always, the assistance is greatly appreciated!

I just did a quick Google search. I think that s a third-party binding not included in openhab directly.
I did not see an easy way to download the jar file though.

EDIT: Look at this thread. I think this post has a link for you from the dev himself.

Thanks for the information.

Once I have the jar, what do I need to do with it?

Ask in the other thread since the dev did not explicitly give installation directions in the his repo.

Actually, let me take a step back here and ask this question.

How are folks controlling their Rachio in OpenHAB? It’s hard to tell just doing a forum search. I would think that a lot of OpenHAB users have a Rachio system and are using OpenHAB to control it. I don’t think the OpenSprinkler binding would work but not sure. Are folks using the HTTP binding? Or is everyone using the Rachio binding? I’m just a little perplexed because no one else responded with details on how to install the Rachio binding, which leads me to believe it’s not being used.

Another possibility: I guess it’s possible that folks are happy with the Rachio app and don’t feel the need to integrate with OpenHAB. In my case, there’s a bug in the Rachio schedules that bothers me. They’ve known about it for quite some time but seem to have deprioritized it, and I’m interested in implementing my own scheduling system.