Rademacher DuoFern interface with Smart Home Bridge Gateway?

Hi there,
until now there are several more or less complocated workarounds available (FHEM MQtt Bridge, Phyton scripts,…) with using a complete Rademacher Homepilot central or a no longer available Rademacher USB stick.
Now I found a new Smart Home Bridge Gateway for 85€.
This claimes to be controllable by Alexa, Google Assistant and via App.
So technically it should be possible to be controlled also via OH.

Has anybody more information about this Bridge Gateway, and maybe has already this unit and has integrated it into OH? Or at least an idea how to do this?

Thanks, Holger

I assume this
will also work for the bridge.

Yes, but then one has to buy a complete homepilot fpr 190€ instead of the 85€ for the Bridge gateway :anguished:

I only own a bridge and i can controll my rollershutters as expected with that http binding.
The bridge also has a webpage which can control things.

Thank you, this is a very good information! I will think about to buy a bridge then :+1:

Also if you need additional things, look for the start2smart packages.
E.g. the start2smart rollershutter contains the bridge and a RolloTron Basis DuoFern 1200 for roughly 130€. (sometimes even cheaper).
Given the price for the rollershutter alone (around 99€) the bridge only costs 30€ in the bundle.

Some vendors also make other bundles with the bridge netting for the bridge around 30-50€. So if you need more hardware look for bundles (or get a fitting discount for the vendor).

And of course the bridge has some “disadvantages”:
No Automations.
No Hue Integration
No Wlan
No Pushmessages*

But nothing you can not implement via either oh3 or homekit (after integration via either homebridge or oh3).

For the pushmessages, in the app i can set push messages for the rollershutters on the bridge, but i dont know if they work. Rademacher website sais push is not with the bridge.