Rainbow, ZEN color changing sauna RGBW mode


I have 11 DMX controlled RGBW spots and 3 RGBW LED-strips. To control them I use the KNX binding and the DMX binding. Both are setup as one dimmer for each color (red, green, blue and white). I have seen in the DMX binding that I can change this to a color date type. I know I haven’t used the color date type before because white was set to 0. I have to retest this in the most recent version. For each spot I also have a dimmer. When changing that I calculate the colors with percentages (100% white, 0 blue, 90% red and 83% green). That’s a warm normal light.

Now I want to make a color changing mood, rainbow, zen changing led algoritme (I don’t know the official name for that?). What’s the a good design pattern for this? Someone already made something comparable?
I guess I should make some sort of an action so I can reuse the code? For the KNX strips (KNX controller is a Bilton REG-S24904) I can use the build in “Color Cycle” and “Sequence Control” functions. For the DMX I may be able to optimise a bit by using the chaser function. But then I still need to send a new color every couple of seconds (in a logical way).