Raspbee zigbee module from Dresden Elektronik

(Emre Evinc) #1

Hi everyone,

I bought the module and installed it in my raspi. I managed to install the deCONZ software 2.04.35 from Dresden Elektronik. But i have no idea what to do next and how to bind this module to OH2 and start connecting my sensors.

FYI, the module i bought is this: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00E6300DO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Could anyone kindly help me through please?
Thanks in advance.

(Rich Koshak) #2

I don’t have a lot of specifics to provide. But I can say that the Zigbee binding is not yet complete. I think there is a pre-alpha version of the binding available. You can find its initial checkin here. I do know it is only able to support one controller but I don’t know what one it is.

The binding might be available on the IoT Marketplace but you will need to install the snapshot to get access to that.

(Curlyel) #3

@asemev, deCONZ exposes some api you can talk to. See RaspBee binding compatibility

I bought some Dresden raspBee modules many months ago, but gave up someday on further trying to integrate via deCONZ. Meanwhile, it might be much better…

Anyway - I personally opted now for @Chris’s Zigbee binding.
Yes, as @rlkoshak said, it’s work in progress.
And yes, the raspBee or other Dresden Electronic coordinators (USB type) are not supported (yet?).

But: What’s implemented in the Zigbee binding so far is already working quite well!

All my Zigbee lamps from three different vendors (Philips, Osram, Ikea) are working with switching/dimming (for the RGB variants the color control is working as well) … without any separate gateway/bridge/hub :wink:

See: Zigbee binding

(Chris Jackson) #4

I am in discussion with Dresden about this and they have provided their low level API so I will probably look to support this in future.

(Curlyel) #5

Excellent news! Thanks, for sharing :slight_smile:

(Emre Evinc) #6

Thank you all very much! Really appreciated.

(yekomS) #7

Hi, that are good news.

when it will be available?

moved from fhem to openhab 2 now

(Oliver) #8


are there any news regarding implementing dresden-elektroniks raspbee zigbee modul?
Or has someone a good documentation how to set up manually? I am runing latest openhabian version an a Pi3. First installing all from sd card image… when running openhab well i added the zigbee modul. I dont want do install now all the deconz stuff… maybe there is another way to integrate it in openhab… or there had to be one because i think many people want to use it… ia also have a usb z-wave modul ZME E UZB1, but this is not connected already… i first wanted to connect the raspbee modul and try to control ikea led’s…
hope to get answers and help here…
kind regards,

(Chris Jackson) #9

It is not complete at the moment but is being worked on as a background task. There are necessary improvements required for the binding first.

(Oliver) #10

Hi Chris, thanks for the fast respond. Do you have an aprox. time plan? I am planing a complete home automation for my new house and before planing and buying components i want to test everything…
I would like to use zigbee for controling the ilumination, z-wave for sensors and knx for windows-shutters and doors etc… i will try to put zigbee and z-wave on the raspberry and an external knx-ip-gateway from “Jung” f.ex.
Any idea, suggestion and help welcome.
kind regards,


(yekomS) #11

Hi guys,

nice to hear that the binding is still in development. :+1:

(Chris Jackson) #12

There’s a lot of development going on with the ZigBee binding :wink:

I have a basic working driver for the RaspBee now, so hopefully I can get this added soon. Just a couple of issues to iron out…

(Sebastian Kirsch ) #13

Thanks a lot!

I really appreciate and look forward to control my Tradfri with a Raspberry Pi 3 & Respbee zigbee unit.

Cu, Seb

(Oliver) #14

Me too!!!


(Chris Knutson) #15

I bought one too and look forward to its support.


(Roland HuĂź) #16

Hi Chris,

is there anything which can be already tested for the RaspBee module ? 'happy to help and test things out. Is it possible to have a look at the current work ?

thanks …
… roland

(Chris Jackson) #17

The ConBee driver is basically working, but I had some reliability issues so haven’t merged it into the binding. If you want to have a look at it, it would be great - I’m already spending a lot of time on the Ember and Telegesis sticks so if you can take a look at the ConBee driver it would be great.

The driver is here (https://github.com/zsmartsystems/com.zsmartsystems.zigbee https://github.com/zsmartsystems/com.zsmartsystems.zigbee) if you want to work on it.

(Roland HuĂź) #18

Cool, thanks :wink: Let me try to tinker a bit with it. For the background: I’m an OpenHAB newbie but have a strong Java and open source background and some experiences in writing drivers.

Do you have a protocol specifications for the access protocol to ConBee / RaspBee ?

Let’s continue on github …

(Chris Jackson) #19

Yes - but let me check with Dresden to see if I can pass them to you first…

(Chris Schmal) #20

Hi Chris,

thank you for your great contribution. I plan to read out some xiaomi aqara temperature sensors and control our heating with that. I am fairly new to openhab and the raspberry itself. I hope my questions are not too dumb.Of course i tried to find answers to my questions on google etc., but that was unsuccessful.
I do have a Raspbee installed and already working on openhabian. In deconz, I was able to connect a sensor and read data.
From what I understood here, with your driver, it will be possible to get the data into openhab. Where I struggle is the installation of the driver. Is there a guide or tutorial that discribes the way to go?
My questions are:
Is there maybe a compiled version of the driver available?
How can I install it on the raspberry? Place the compiled version simply in the addons folder?