Raspberry PI 2 1-wire on gpio bus support

Hi there,

I’m brand new to OpenHab, so bare with me.

I’ve got the OpenHab server up and running and now I want to add some sensors, I already have four 1-wire temperature probes hooked up to the PI and I can access them through /sys/bus/w1/devices.

The information I’ve found so far indicates that owfs-server is needed to get the readings into OpenHab. Here’s the problem owfs doesn’t communicate with the on board 1-wire bus as far as I can tell.

Is there a software solution to this? I’d hate to have to add more hardware to accomplish this.


Sorry to revive an old post, but I see that you did not get a reply.
It’s been a full year, so hopefully you figured out a solution that works for you, but I just posted a tutorial that addresses this issue:

Because you already have the sensors reporting, you would only need the script and the Exec Binding to get this working.