Raspberry pi

Hi, do I need to use raspberry pi or can I also use something else?

And does the PI version matter (I have a Raspberry pi 2)?

Have a look at the documentation: https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/rasppi.html

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Check the entry page of the openHAB project:

Runs Everywhere

Run your server on Linux, macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, PINE64, Docker, Synology… Access it with apps for the web, iOS, Android and others.

Yes… and the reccomended platform is… whatever you are most comfortable with
give it a try with whatever you have lying around


That’s my favourite advice to anyone.

“Use what you’ve got, until it proves it’s not up to the task”

(Which is why I’m still running a lovely 15 year old car, with 220,000 miles on it)


Such low mileage… :grinning:. I too Love my older cars!!

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