React to incoming mail


I have following use case:
One day before the refuse collection comes I get a email like this:

Ihr nächster Abfuhrtermin
Sehr geehrte Kund,
wunschgemäß möchten wir Sie an den folgenden Abfuhrtermin erinnern:

Freitag, 13.01.2017
Falls Sie diesen Service…

Now I want to react to this Mail and send a notification to a Central Operation Unit (Link). I already send somethink to the operation unit, so this is not my problem… The problem is, how can I react to a incomming mail and scour it for a word like “Restmülltonne” or “Gelber Sack”?

I already try it with IFTTT but somehow it is not working… with the connection to gmail…
Question: Is there a other posibility/binding to react to a gmail? (Instead of IFTTT)


There is a 1.9 binding that apparently has not yet been tested with OH 2 yet.

See the following for how to install and test this with OH 2.

If it works, please create an issue on the openhab2_addons GitHub repo or post a new thread on the forum saying you got it to work.

I recall that binding has some usability issues and could use a review in that regard.