Read Data from Solaredge inverter via Modbus Binding

Hey Folks,

is anyone here using the Modbus binding to read data from their Solaredge inverter? I’m most interested in the Modbus TCP version.

It would be great if you could share your modbus.cfg als well as item definitions and sitemap.




ugh no-one?

Some Informations please.

  1. What components you use from Solaredge.
  2. The documentations / manuals of the components.
  3. What version of openHAB you use
  4. What version of Modbus Binding you use

Maybe you should check this out MBLogic > MBProbe
For reading Values via Modbus TCP you will need the IP, Port, The Address Type and the Address.

Yes, I am aware of that. However that’s not why I asked. There is quite a lot of data to read and also a bit of post processing to get the data converted using the corresponding scale factors. I was mostly asking, since I was hoping to get some insight into the most efficient way to read and process the data.

If you want to get down with it, I am looking to get a Solaredge Three Phase inverter installed (SE9K) and also the Solaredge Modbus Meter. The Modbus registers used by both devices are described in the document that I attached.

sunspec-implementation-technical-note.pdf (518.2 KB)

I know that the data is all in holding registers and that I need to substract 1 to get from the sunspec register ID to the Modbus protocol ID.

I’m also interested. I will test an ABB inverter soon.
I’ll keep you updated.


I was successful in reading the data. I’ll share my configs once I have some time to write it up.



@tkuehne, I am also a SolarEdge user, (SE4000 with 14 x 300Wp panels). Would like to know how i could integrate the data which are send to the SE portal into OpenHAB. I have read the doc [quote=“tkuehne, post:4, topic:20892”]

but thats not (yet) clear to me. I understand i need a MODBUS interface (SE-WNC-3Y400-MB-K1), and i would opt for a TCP Modbus solution, not the RS485.
If a Modbus interface is needed, where dit you bought this? Tried to find this in my country… Further, I am reading now the MBLogic and MBProbe docs.

I would like to ask you if it would be possible for you to write a Tutorial about your solution and put it in the tutorial section of the forum?
It would be much appreciated if you could help me on my way to get SE data in OH.
Kind regards, Bert

Note the Modbus binding now supports transforms, which may simplify scaling of readings

Hi Bert,

if you have a SE4k with a modern (>3.xx CPU), you will not need any additional hardware. The inverter is already capable of talking to openHAB via Modbus TCP.

The item you mentioned (SE-WNC-3Y400-MB-K1) is a smartmeter that is used for feed-in limiting but not a Modbus interface.

Also, please note, that the data you will read from the inverter is the raw production data, such as the current power generation. You will not be able to read the data that the portal may have calculated (such as power generated in a specific period, or the power that you directly used up in your electrical installation if you have a S0 consumption meter hooked up to the SE4k). If you want to access this data, you need to use the solaredge API and use the HTTP binding.

I hope to be able to get around to writing up my solution sometime durting the weekend.

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See: Reading Data from Solaredge inverters via Modbus TCP

Hi Thomas

Have you alredy finished your working configs? I have also a Solaredge converter.
Thank you very much in advance.

The link above is a link to the SOLUTIONS section which has the Setup with configs

Just a basic question, how do you connect the inverter and your openhab installation?
the lan cable from the inverter is providing modbus TCP connection or the info is going to an external meter (like this)via modbus RS485 interface?

The Lan cable is used to connect your inverter to the home LAN where your openHAB lives.