Ready to use OpenHab hardware box?

I was surprised to see a ready-to-use Openhab 3.0 box with decent specs. Has anyone heard about it or tried it? Its name is DSGW-210-OpenHAB, see
The company Dusun is Chinese based.



Hardware specs:

  • ARM Cortex A35 (kind of low power variant of A53 from the Raspberry Pi 3)
  • 2 GB memory
  • Backup battery of 6000 mAh (option)
  • 8 GB eMMC (16 GB option)

For more specs, see

I have no clue about the price, but looking at the specs (EMMC and modem), it should be way more expensive than a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Zigbee or Zwave modem …

@Kai (and other maintainers/founders) ,would you ever believed this when you started al this (how many years ago)?

Regards, Ton

Given that the zwave binding doesn’t support Zwave 700 I would be a little cautious about believing these specs. They might have thrown a 700 controller on there and as far as OH integration :man_shrugging:

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Good point Rich! :+1:
As @Chris and others discuss in this thread, there seems to be no documentation and therefore no short time solution for supporting Zwave 700 type controllers: ZWave 700 - Support? - #39 by Bruce_Osborne

I’ll ask the manufacturer about his point of view and post anything worth mentioning in this thread.

It appears somebody is trying to mimic the hardware available by the Home Assistant developers.Did they get permission before using the OH logo & name?

The USB sticks for 700 series are technically bridge controllers and libraries like zwavejs currently support 700 Series controllers.

I recently opened a thread to judge interest in this being developed for OH but there was ot enough support for me to pursue it.

I currently recommend avoiding the controllers though due to a firmware bug that causes network issues. Silicon Labs, who created the standard, are working to find a solution. You can find a LOT more details in this GitHub issue. Many users are downgrading to a 500 Series controller while we wait for a solution,

It look like a nice box. However, the way they promote it seems like a trademark violation(?). I don’t think it’s allowed to use the openHAB logo that way. At least they could have mentioned the trademark or provide some information about this. But even than I don’t think they are allowed to promote it like this:

Unfortunately the openHAB logo usage page still needs to be written: Logo Re-use | openHAB

it seems like a trademark violation

Yes, I would say so. They definitely didn’t reach out to us.
They also seem to have copied have of our website, if you scroll down on their page. :roll_eyes:
But as they are based in China, there’s probably little that can be done. I’m pretty sure they didn’t ask Amazon for permission on this either. :wink:

Or any of the other orgs whose logos they’ve slapped onto the same box.

Agreed. It’s the flipside of Chinese manufacturers “cloning” the designs of other products and selling them on Alibaba. The only way to do anything about it would be for consumers to resist the siren call of lower prices (and quality).

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The manufacturer claims to have it working. This is a quote from an email:

zwave700 and openhab are not very compatible originally.
Our engineer team built a plugin to solve this problem so don’t worry about this problems.

Being very curious, I asked for a sample.

Especially since, at least until very recently, the Silicon Labs firmware of the 700 Series controllers had a bug where they would lock up a busy network, It appears to me some 700 series devices still have bugs spamming the network.