Ready2use zigbee2mqtt stick with antenna and case


first of all @chris is ok wit me posting this thread. We discussed it here, so I hope it’s fine for other mods too.

I just want to let people here know that I offer premade zigbee2mqtt sticks. Modded with antenna, with a nice case and already flashed.

If you are interested you can get more information and some reviews here:



Have you verified it works properly with OpenHAB?

To be honest I did not, because I use a different home automation system.

But the thing is I know you openhab has an mqtt Broker and because zigbee2mqtt “translates” zigbee signals to mqtt it should work. You just need to install zigbee2mqtt on your instance, this should help:

There are already some threads in this forum about zigbee2mqtt and how people made it work.

BTW I also make other ready2use things like an RFlink. And I’m planning to make a smaller Version too.

And I also will make some OpenMQTTGateway devices.

This is a picture of my Rflink (without the top case)

Zigbee2mqtt works fine with openHAB. It’s best to use mqtt1, but with a bit of uglyness mqtt2 can also be used.

I have a new ready2use device. It’s another OpenMQTTgateway device. This is not a zigbee2mqtt device.

I made the PCB for the modules inside, the 3d printed case and the soldering. Of course its also flashed, but I am not a developer.
All credits for this great project go to the dev (1technophile) of this great project.

So until now I made the following OMG devices:

  • ESP32 with RF, BLE and an LED
  • NodeMCU ESP8266 version with RF and an LED.
  • ESP32 with BLE

Of course you can choose the colors of the case (and maybe even the LED color).

So this is how the new device looks:

Not yet finished, but this is how the IR version of the OMG devices will look like.

The esp32 version will support IR/RF/BLE/LED
Same for the Esp8266 version but without BLE.

I finished the IR Versions of the OpenMqttgateway.

I made two versions:

This is how they look:



I made another new device: The Milight Hub


And this is how it looks:

I’m now also able to flash the Sonoff RF Bridge with OpenMqttGateway.

You may ask yourself why I want to offer flashed Sonoff RF Bridges when I already have the DIY OMG IR/RF/BLE/Led device.

Well first of all if someone only wants RF (in an industrial case) the Sonoff RF may be the better choice. And because I only need to flash it and save a lot of time soldering and making the device it will be cheaper.
So I think it’s nice to have this option too.