Receiving notifications via openHAB Cloud not originating from my installation


I just experienced something very strange, as I received notifications on my phone via OpenHAB Cloud which clearly are not originated by my installation.
Nothing shows up in the logs regarding this phenomenon and those notifications are as well not stored in the “Notifications” tab in the iOS app.

I only captured 2 out of 3 notifications by taking a screenshot on my phone. The first one said “GARAGE DOOR OPEN”.
I’ve received the first one at 16:09 CET, second at 16:14 CET and the last one at 16:15 CET.

Just now, I’ve restarted the openHABCloud Service.


PS: I also don’t own a Garage :wink:

Log into your and look to see if the notifications appear there under notifications.

Look at the events and all the other account settings.

Are your alerts coming through too or just these phantom events?

just experienced the same phenomenon. And to answer the question from @rlkoshak: No, that notification did not appear in nor in the app itself. And not in the event list of the OH2 logs, either.

Not sure whether this is connected, but I’ve also had two alerts earlier today which (at least by their exact text) did originate from my installation, but were actually not happening (the alert read that my front door was open. Which it wasn’t and the event log doesn’t show a corresponding event, either).


I made a test notification to my phone, it got displayed on it. After clicking the notification it got displayed as a app notification with an OK button. After clicking this button there is no more trace of this message in yhe app on the device nor on the cloud.
I other words I would not expect any trace of those “weird” notifications on the receiving device and on the connected cloud.
My two cents: Is it possible for the cloud to send such notifications to devices that are not registered to the sending cloud account?

Same issue. I received two message not from my openhab just now.

@digitaldan, any ideas? This is some seriously odd behavior and we have at least three users reporting the same behavior. Anyone else I should poke to see this?

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Same thing happend to me right now, got 3 notifications which are not coming from my installation

Strange, for those that this is happening to, can you pm me the email address you use for your myopenhab account?


I’ve experienced the same, and I’m 100% sure that those aren’t mine, since they’re in Czech language, and I don’t speak Czech :slight_smile: @digitaldan should I send my mail address via PM too?

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…and now I got one of those messages also.
The message reads. “Der Testwecker wurde automatisch deaktiviert!”
I did send some messages in order to check how they are saved (which they aren’t) and now got a message exactly on the device I wax sending to before.

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Short update:
Although this hasn’t happened in the last days since I wrote my original post, this morning again I have received three messages which were definitely not from my account.
Also, not sure whether it’s related, but the connection between Alexa and seems to be broken and I also cannot access my dashboard - neither through the app nor through the website.

I haven’t got any messages, but I cant access my dashboard either, looks like there is a problem again.


Update: now received 8 message in total which were not mine. And still can’t access dashboard

I’ve experienced this myself. I often get multiple notifications in a day, sometimes within minutes, sometimes within hours when no activity is occurring on my OpenHAB installation. It appears that the last valid notification sent keeps getting sent over and over again. It seems to correlate with updates occurring on the could service (maintenance, upgrades etc), although i have no evidence to support this, just a hunch.

It’s hard to complain given this is a free service, but is the biggest factor for me looking to move to another solution that is either paid or does not require a cloud service for notifications.

There are all sorts of alternative services that OH works with for alerting. Almost every add-on listed under Actions is for an alerting service. I know a lot of people like PushBullet and Telegram.

Hi all, i will take a look at the notifications again today and try and understand what is going on.


Thanks - I’ll take a look!

Hi, I’ve started getting notifications on my phone that definitely do not originate from my installation. However two other devices with openhab installed have not.

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for me it started a few days ago. I get a few Notifications on a Samsung S8 with Android 8 a day. Mostly it’s in swedish or another nordic language, sometimes it’s in english (I got a message in the morning: “Time to wake up”).

If needed I can capture a screenshot next time it happens.

I can’t see these notifications in myopenhab control panel.

Very strange.



I can’t help about this issue, but, if I’m not mistaken, @digitaldan should know more about the problem. If I’ve tagged the wrong person, sorry for disturbing you :slight_smile:

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