Recommendation: easy integratable wallboxes for openHAB

ok, just bought my first EV and now I need some wallbox! :wink:

I’m completely new to this - so do you have some recommendations for an easily integratable wallbox, which I can then use for PV excess loading, if I (and openHAB) says so?
I’m about (if the roof-plates for mounting finally arrive) to install my Photovoltaic with an Kostal Plenticore inverter, if that helps.

As always, I’d like to use the wallbox:

  • local API
  • load managing accessible
  • …whatever is necessary for a integrated wallbox


PS: I saw (german only I guess), and it sounds perfect - but has 4month delivery atm…
PPS: It’s a Kia EV6. Typ2 and Combo.

My father is interested in the Hyundai version (the IONIQ 5), so I’d love to hear your impressions of the EV6. I hope you enjoy it!

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Hi, I am running the OpenWB Wallbox now for two months and I am totally satisfied - And I had to wait even 6 months for the delivery :slight_smile:

Got it installed, connected to the network cable , entered the IP addresses for my solar equipment incl. Battery and it simply worked. Even the the outdated Solarworld equipment that I unfortunately own. It even reads the data from my BMW.

So far I had no need / time to connect it to Openhab because there is a lot of logic already built in. For charging you can e.g. choose: Immediately or only when Solar Power is available. And OpenWB also completely shows me what is going on with my consumption, with my solar generation and the battery usage. OpenWB will become my one stop shop for all related to the PV.

Connection to OpenHab is possible via MQTT. There are some posts.

Was definitely worth my 6 months wait charging via the normal outlet.


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I took both out for a test drive. Obviously the same but different! Dashboard, UI and overall feeling is the same, the Ioniq5 being the more “conservative” choice as the EV6 is a bit more sporty in the “normal” series and definitely the GT-version (coming end of next year).
I was lucky, the dealer (a big one here) got only five(!) and one was already our configuration and we took it right away…

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Bugger. 4 Month charging with 230V one-phase would be too slow I guess.

Anyone got experience with the Tinkerforge Warp 2 charger? Shop | Tinkerforge

Should be similar in function and has open API… aaaaand has only 2 weeks of shipping!

Congrats to your EV. Very nice.

I choose this one:

There is a modbus RTU inteface, where you can change charging current.
You can also read out the energy data (not calibrated), which is very interesting I think.

I don’t have an EV, so I did not integrate it into openHAB yet.

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Have an OpenWB as well (also not yet connected to OH but it has MQTT for that purpose).
I’d be surprised though if Tinkerforge kept that promise. Shipping times are ludicrous ATM.
Installer’s availability as well.

I use the Go-eCharger Wallbox with the Go-eCharger Binding.
Fast and easy integration in OH 3.1.

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So you are one of those emptying the funding program without having an EV! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered one last week and they’re on stock, at least that’s what their forum suggests also. We’ll see. Meanwhile I’ll use the Juice Box, which I got already. No interface, no PV excess loading, but simple CEE16 11kw loading…